‘Steven Universe’ Season 5: Captain Lars And Other Hints From Creator Rebecca Sugar

After dropping four episodes back in May, Steven Universe Season 5 is once again on a hiatus. Fortunately for fans, a few spoilers were dropped during the SDCC 2017 revealing an action-packed season up ahead that is definitely worth the wait.

Lars Of The Stars

It looks like fans will be seeing a lot of Lars in the coming episodes of Steven Universe Season 5. In Episode 4, the show left fans wondering what happened to him. While he was indeed resurrected, his fate was a bit uncertain after he was left behind in the Gems’ Homeworld. But surprisingly, the latest details reveal that he is doing okay. In fact, he is doing more than okay as he is now a captain of a spaceship, even if it’s a stolen one at that.

During the SDCC 2017, the show’s panel released a brief sneak peek revealing some hints on what could happen in the coming episodes of Steven Universe Season 5. Back on Earth, Steven is busy preparing for his return to the Homeworld to rescue Lars. This time, he will be accompanied by Connie who is definitely excited on what she calls their first space adventure together.

Entering via Lion, they were surprised to find themselves teleported to where Lars is, which is inside a spaceship. More surprising still is that there are various off-color Gems with him and all of them are calling Lars their captain.

Everything is explained a little later when a visibly upset Emerald appeared on the ship’s communications screen. Apparently, Lars, along with the off-colors, managed to steal Emerald’s spaceship and she is demanding for him to return it.

But of course, Lars has no plans of returning the ship to her. While Emerald threatened to catch him herself and blow them all to pieces, Lars is confident that it may be hard for Emerald to back up her threats. Apparently, the ship he stole is called the Sun Incinerator, the fastest ship in Emerald’s fleet. While brief, the sneak peek assured every fan that more action is up ahead in Steven Universe Season 5, Episode 5. That would definitely agree with what creator Rebecca Sugar teased to Den of Geek during an interview, saying that the upcoming episodes will be a “rollercoaster.”

Pink Diamond’s Murderer

Another exciting Steven Universe spoiler making the rounds is that the upcoming episodes could finally reveal who really shattered Pink Diamond. According to IO9, the show could turn into some sort of murder mystery after it was hinted that it may not have been Steven’s mom Rose who killed Pink Diamond. Thus, Steven and his gem friends may have to do some sleuthing to uncover the truth and clear Rose’s name.


[Featured Image by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Turner]