‘The Division’ 1.7 Update Release Date Confirmed For Next Week, Earn Double Caches This Weekend

Global Events, new Classified Gear set pieces, and Commendations are just a few of the new features and items coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division in the 1.7 update. In the latest state of the game address, developers of the game announced the patch’s firm release date while previewing the 1.7 update again.

Agents can expect the new content on August 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as listed on the game’s official site. When the patch goes live, the first Global Event is soon to follow. The Outbreak event introduces three Classified versions of existing gear sets. Players can complete missions and activities with Global modifiers in The Division to earn Global Tokens.

Global Tokens are used to purchase Classified caches that contain new Classified Gear sets for the DeadEye set, the Final Measure set, and the Lone Star set. A Classified Gear set offers a third six-piece bonus to players instead for only two- and four-piece on older sets. Players will need to find six pieces of Classified Gear to earn the new bonus as older and new sets cannot be mixed to earn the six-piece bonus. As the Inquisitr reported, cache contents are random but developers of The Division announced the rates for these new caches last week.

Global Tokens can be earned by doing missions like these. [Image by Ubisoft]

Before the new Classified caches arrive, players can earn double the caches over the weekend before 1.7 releases. Starting August 11, every time players earn a Field Proficiency Cache, two will be rewarded. Field Proficiency, for new or returning players, replaces the experience bar after hitting 30 in The Division. Earning experience at the max level increases the bar until a cache is earned. The Double Field Proficiency Cache event ends on August 14.

The first Global Event, Outbreak, is expected to start on August 15 alongside the release of patch 1.7. The event may start later in the day, however. The event only lasts until August 22, but new Classified Gear set pieces introduced in Outbreak will be added normal drop tables in The Division after it ends. Update 1.7 also includes a way for players to re-customize their characters and the new Commendations achievement system.

Patch notes for the update will be release the day before it launches. [Image by Ubisoft]

With update 1.7 releasing next week, developers and players are both looking ahead to what is next for The Division. Although no details are currently available, 1.8 features are soon to be revealed likely in a future state of the game for The Division.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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