The Real Reason WWE Pulled The Hardy Boyz From Live Events And This Week’s ‘Monday Night Raw’

Over the weekend and into the early part of this week, WWE had a number of dates in Canada featuring the Hardy Boyz, but they never showed up. A lot of fans have wondered why Matt and Jeff weren’t at the live events or on Monday Night Raw, as they were promoted for it, but now, the real reason is known. While there are no problems with the Hardy Boyz and the company, there are still issues with Jeff going into Canada.

This past weekend, The Revival took on Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro in a match that ended with Scott Dawson suffering an injury to his biceps. The strange thing about this is that the match pitted two heel teams against one another, but that wasn’t WWE’s original plan.

The Hardy Boyz were set to take on The Revival at the live event in Halifax, Canada, and set to appear on Monday Night Raw in Toronto, but they didn’t show up at either one. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., they were no-shows because Jeff Hardy still has issues crossing the border into Canada.

Fans were truly confused, as the preview for Monday Night Raw even had the Hardy Boyz becoming “awoken,” but now, it all makes sense.

wwe news hardy boyz jeff matt pulled monday night raw live events customs toronto
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Back in 2009, Jeff Hardy was convicted on felony drug charges, including trafficking, which led to his arrest in September of that year. His charges came from having serious amounts of drugs on him and in his possession at his home. He ultimately served 10 days of jail time and 30 months of probation, as well as paying a fine.

Jeff Hardy has not had any issues since, but crossing the border into Canada is still a bit of an issue.

WWE was working on ironing out those problems, and having the Hardy Boyz appear at the live events to face The Revival and also on Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, the issues with Jeff traveling couldn’t be worked out in time for them to make the shows, so the change was made.

It is expected that before WWE travels for dates in Canada again, the issues should be resolved.

wwe news hardy boyz jeff matt pulled monday night raw live events customs toronto
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Unfortunately, this change in the card ended up leading to the Scott Dawson injury that will likely require surgery and have him out for months. While it will delay the push of The Revival yet again, it is not anyone’s fault that the injury occurred.

There was a good deal of confusion over the weekend and into Monday Night Raw when Matt and Jeff were nowhere to be seen despite being advertised. At least things have been somewhat cleared up, and it is known that there are no issues between the Hardy Boyz and WWE. Hopefully, Jeff’s issues with traveling across the border will soon be resolved and he can join his brother for the next trip into Canada.

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