‘American Horror Story’ Season 7: Did Michael Myers Appear In The ‘Cult’ Teaser? [Video]

American Horror Story: Cult recently released a series of teaser posters for fans to stew over. But at a closer glance, there was one photo in particular that had them scratching their heads, wondering if a horror icon is going to make an appearance on Season 7 of AHS. Which horror icon? Well, that is none other than the infamous Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise.

First of all, there is some pre-requisite to this assertion. One thing that fans of American Horror Story already know is that the Cult Season 7 recently did some filming in the neighborhood of the original 1978 Halloween film production, although the Twitter user who filmed the scene thought it was for the new Halloween movie. So does that mean AHS producers are in some way trying to tie Michael Myers into the FX horror anthology that is solely dedicated to classic American horror? It makes good sense, considering there is nothing more American in the horror genre than the Halloween films.

The next clue was the AHS: Cult teaser poster, which featured Ivy Mayfair-Richards, who is portrayed by Alison Pill. AHS fans had to look twice to notice it, but in the background of that teaser poster, there is a man that resembles the likeness of Michael Myers standing behind a distorted, but clear curtain in what appears to be a slaughterhouse. If true, then the distorted image of Michael Myers covertly waiting behind a young, scared and helpless victim is quite unique to the Halloween film franchise and the American horror genre.

Now, for what it’s worth, it is less than likely that the actual character of Michael Myers will really be featured in Season 7 of American Horror Story. But that does not mean that AHS producers can’t allude to his presence with another character, or maybe even copy his modus operandi to tie the genre into the series.

Also, with Season 7 of American Horror Story being subtitled as “Cult,” that could also tie-in to Michael Myers. For those horror fans who remember, Michael Myers was finally revealed to have a cult pulling his puppet strings in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Again, all of this is conjecture at this point and there have been no official confirmations that Michael Myers will be in Season 7 of American Horror Story: Cult.

[Featured Image by Dimension Films]