Prince Charles And Diana Divorce: ‘The Story Of Diana’ Could Hurt Charles’ Plans To Make Camilla His Queen

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had possibly the most famous divorce of the 20th century, and now the documentary, The Story of Diana, and other attention on their failed marriage could put a crimp in the future for Prince Charles as well.

The 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death is approaching at the end of the month, and there have been a slew of documentaries and television specials in the months leading up to it. The newest one, the two-part ABC series, titled The Story of Diana, has a heavy focus on the events that led to the royal split between Charles and Diana.

As People noted, there has already been close to 25 years of books, magazine articles, and television specials focused on Princess Diana’s divorce, including the now-famous 1992 book from Andrew Morton that revealed Princess Diana’s struggles with eating disorders and suicide attempts. That same year, phone calls between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles and between Diana and then-boyfriend James Gilbey were also released, adding more public speculation to the crumbling marriage.

But the new attention on the misgivings that led to the royal divorce could have a serious impact on the future for Prince Charles, one royal family expert predicted. The Express reported this week that another documentary that spelled out Charles and Diana’s marital difficulties — the U.K. program Diana: In Her Own Words — highlighted the scandals for those too young to remember them and dredged up the reports for others who lived through it.

The relentless focus on Charles and Diana’s divorce could put Charles in a difficult situation when it is his turn to become king of England. Sally Bedell Smith, author of the biography Prince Charles: The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life, told the Express that the documentaries have caused “long-term damage to Charles and Camilla” and will likely end any plans Charles had to make Camilla his queen.

As the report noted, Charles has insisted that Camilla Parker-Bowles would become “Princess Consort” when he is crowned king, a move “in deference to the public’s affection for Diana.” But Smith and others believed that Prince Charles had actually hoped to make his wife the queen. That will be much more difficult now that the public has been reminded of their divorce and Camilla’s role, royal experts contend.

Those who want to see more about the Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorce can tune in to The Story of Diana, which airs on ABC on August 9 and 10 at 9 p.m. ET.

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