‘BB17’s’ Audrey Middleton Calls ‘BB19’s’ Cody And Jason’s Live Feed Remarks About Her ‘Offensive,’ ‘Ignorant’

On Tuesday, August 8, former BB17 houseguest Audrey Middleton gave a compelling interview that included a discussion about the recent controversial comments made by BB19 houseguests involving her. Audrey was publicly touted by the media during her season as the first transgender houseguest in Big Brother history, which was the subject matter of the current live feed discussion.

Rob Has a Podcast’s live feed correspondent Taran Armstrong now has his very own podcast, during which he interviews interesting people involved in the reality television community. He aptly interviewed Audrey about her life, aspirations, and experiences as a BB17 cast member, which eventually led Audrey to speak about the remarks made by Cody Nickson and Jason Dent regarding her.

On Sunday, August 6 at about 9:21 Big Brother house time, several houseguests could be seen on live feeds sitting in and around the backyard hot tub talking about former cast members. As Jessica Graf spoke about former cast member’s experiences with being Have Nots and eating Big Brother Slop, she brought up Audrey and her BB17 meltdown. Jessica also mentioned Audrey’s status as the first transgender houseguest to play Big Brother.

Following her statement about Audrey, Jason asked, “She was a she?”

On live feeds, Cody could be heard saying “it was a dude” who was dressed as a woman. Jessica seemed to smirk and grin slightly, gently chastising Cody.

He responded as if he did nothing to warrant her disdain and said, “What? That’s what it was.”

Then Jason asked, “How do you explain that without saying those words.”

Jessica attempted to dismiss their comments, again noting Audrey’s status in the game, when Jason said, “OK. But it was a he.”

Matthew Clines, who was observing the conversation, chimed in, saying he thought the problem was that the two men kept referring to Audrey as “it.”

Jason seemed confused and then asked, “Was it a she or a he first?”

After some nervous laughter from Matt and Cody attempting to start speaking about Bruce Jenner, who has transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner, Jessica held her hand over Cody’s mouth and declared he was not to speak further.

When Cody finally pried Jessica’s hand from his face, he, along with Jason, claimed they were “baited” into having the conversation about Audrey when they simply wanted to talk about people who had been Have Nots.

Regarding these comments, Audrey told Taran that fortunately, she has “really good self-esteem” so she’s alright after hearing what was said. She further noted the following about her concerned fans.

“I do appreciate everyone who has messaged me… worried that this was going to phase me in some way, but it’s not… My heart does go out to the people who are transitioning and the people who are transgender and are offended by this. It is offensive… It is ignorant.”

Presumably referring to Cody, Audrey added, “I’m not going to lose my humanity and attack him or project ignorance back onto him. I could easily project a lot of reasons why there is a psychological disconnect between him and my personal minority.”

She told Taran she is taking this stance because “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Audrey also sent a message to her supporters, saying that “rage tweeting and rage commenting” will not help Cody or Jason, or any other uninformed individual, to understand the issue. She instructed that sending these people information in order to educate them is the right way to combat any types of prejudices. Audrey also noted that in the end, some people will decide not to accept differences in others and “that is on them.”

Audrey continues to work on her online reality game show, Sequester, and is currently expanding it into the real world. According to the show’s website, construction to create an actual set for the show has begun, so a live action version is becoming a reality.

The Taran Show releases a new interview every Tuesday and “delves deep into the psyche of reality stars and fellow podcasters… with… longform interviews,” according to the podcast’s web page.

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