‘Little People, Big World’s’ Audrey Roloff Shares Exciting News At 37 Weeks

Audrey Roloff is 37 weeks pregnant, and she has shared some exciting news with her fans. She and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, are finally moving into their home! Over the past few months, the couple has been working hard to get their home renovated before their baby arrives in September.

On Wednesday, Audrey took to social media to make the big announcement: It’s time to move in!

Although Jeremy and his brother, Jacob, have been working diligently to get some tile work finished, the Little People, Big World couple has reached the point where the home is livable.

For weeks, both Audrey and Jeremy have been sharing some of their home projects with fans. They’ve taken to their respective social media accounts to post photos and videos of all of the work that they’ve been doing (Jeremy has been doing a lot of the manual labor himself). Although things aren’t completely done just yet, the couple is really hoping to be done with their renovations before their little girl makes her debut. Of course, if you own a home you probably know that nothing is ever really “done.” There is always something to fix or update, no matter what!

On May 27, Audrey announced that she and Jeremy bought their first house together. She shared the following photo on Instagram for all to see. The picture was met with well-wishes from hundreds of fans, all hoping that the couple can make the happiest memories inside their new home. Check out the photo below.

Since that time, fans have only gotten to see bits and pieces of the inside of their home, mainly by way of Audrey or Jeremy’s Instagram stories.

In today’s post, fans can see Audrey standing in front of her home, wearing a white dress; her red hair long past her shoulders. Obviously having the stress of fixing up a new home and then moving in that close to giving birth is really stressful, and Audrey’s facial expression (and emojis) seem to show that she feels the same.

Regardless, it’s a really exciting time for Audrey and Jeremy, and things are only going to get better!

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]