Fredrik Eklund Baby: Will ‘MDLNY’ Star Finally Announce He’s Going To Be A Father?

Fredrik Eklund has been putting his baby plans on hold for a while after suffering three miscarriages over the past year. Fans followed him on his journey to become a father on Million Dollar Listing: New York, but he was sad that he kept experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak. Eklund revealed that he didn’t want to share the journey in great detail on this particular season, and a few weeks ago, he revealed that he wanted to leave the entire baby planning up to his husband. That way, he didn’t have to get all excited about meetings, appointments, and insemination, only to get upset and sad when it didn’t work. He was scared of getting his heart broken.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is gushing about having a great summer, and it sounds like he’s hinting that things are going well in both business and his private life. On the previous episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik traveled to Paris for a work arrangement, but he wanted to bring his husband, Derek, who flew in at a later point in time. Before he arrived, he called Fredrik and said that he had some news in regards to their baby planning.

The episode ended without giving viewers an answer as to what the news was. Fredrik didn’t want the answer until his husband could make it to Paris to tell him in person. If the news was bad, he wanted Derek to be there for him. Of course, the news could be that he’s going to be a father, as the surrogate is pregnant. If this is the news, why hasn’t Fredrik said anything on social media?

The Paris episode was filmed at the end of April based on Fredrik Eklund’s social media posts. This would mean that the baby would just be three months and a week. Maybe he is scared of announcing anything because of the previous losses. He could also be saving the big announcement until the baby is four months old, as he could reveal whether he’s having a boy or a girl.

To find out the answer as to what the big news is, fans will have to turn into Million Dollar Listing: New York Thursday night on Bravo. What do you think Fredrik Eklund’s husband will tell him?

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