‘Dance Moms’ Drama! Abby Lee Miller Gets A New Boyfriend While Behind Bars, Mackenzie Ziegler Countersues!

Not even prison can stop Abby Lee Miller from creating drama in her own life. Apparently, the latest news reports suggest that she’s got herself a new boyfriend — meaning she can pull guys even from behind bars.

The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Abby Lee Miller’s dearly beloved is a guy by the name of Jordy, whose music was used for a few solos that were shown in the last episode. Naturally, because this is Dance Moms, the other moms didn’t like that, especially since she never included Nia’s music, for example, or Kendall’s music.

It then came out about why Abby Lee Miller was playing favorites with Jordy: because she’s sleeping with him.

“The tension is as palpable as maybe ever before at this point. And it gets ratcheted up even higher when we discovered that this Jordy guy is sleeping with Abby! Yes, as in… they’re having sexual intercourse! This boy toy showed up with some vegan cookies and explains the concept of his diet to the students, all while the moms pretend they are fans of his music.”

Sounds like it’s the beginning of another epic romance. No photos of them together as of yet, but we’re sure they’ll come out soon.

Of course, not all the news surrounding Abby Lee Miller is positive. In addition to the current prison sentence, according to J-14 Magazine, Mackenzie Ziegler has filed a countersuit against Abby Lee Miller, in response to Miller’s lawsuit filed against Ziegler claiming that she broke her record contract by working with outside producers.

However, Ziegler’s counterclaim states that she doesn’t owe Miller any money — in fact, it’s Miller that owes her money because she locked her into a fraudulent record contract.

“This label allegedly underpaid Mackenzie what she was due for her music. Mackenzie is now suing Kismet Music and the head of the company, Andrew Logan. She claims that the company has none of the privileges that Abby had promised. Mackenzie wants the rest of the money she’s owed by Kismet Music as well as completely severing ties with the label.”

Record label disputes are nothing new — and have, in fact, been going on since the beginning of time — but this one is particularly worthy of note because it involves Abby Lee Miller, someone who has had a bit of history with bad business deals. It should be interesting to see, too, if the judge in that case uses Miller’s history of bad business deals against her, and finding in favor of Ziegler off the strength of that alone.

Let’s also hope that future episodes of Dance Moms — which won’t feature Abby Lee Miller, since she’s currently serving a prison sentence for fraud and embezzlement — will feature a lot less drama.

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[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]