Melania’s Lawyer: Melania Talked Nasty ‘Escort’ Lies, 49-Year-Old Slovenian Attorney Nataša Pirc Musar Speaks

According to Google Trends, the search term “Melania Trump escort” has increased 250 percent over the past day, with so many people typing the escort term into the search engine coupled with First Lady Melania Trump’s name that the phrase appears in the rising search terms list regarding Melania. However, lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar, who first spoke with Melania on the phone in August 2016, says people better not call Melania an escort, according to the Daily Beast.

“As a woman I understand her—I understand her as a human being—to say these nasty words about a lady!”

Granted, people typing the word escort into Google with Melania’s name are likely not calling Melania an escort but searching for information about the topic. Musar is an American attorney who got in touch with Melania to talk about representing Melania. Musar spoke with Melania in 2016 to tell her what was happening on the Internet. Musar told Melania that people were writing salacious articles about Melania and using Melania’s name to sell merchandise. Melania informed Musar that she didn’t want to file lawsuits against anyone and that Melania didn’t need the money. Melania only wanted her lawyer to set limits on what’s allowed regarding Melania’s name.

Melania wanted to hire a lawyer in Slovenia because a publication named Suzy published a piece in August that alleged Melania Knavs (or Melania Knauss in German), worked for Paolo Zampolli’s modeling agency as a model in New York, and claimed that Paolo’s modeling agency “operated as an escort agency for wealthy clients.” That’s all it took for Melania’s lawyer to file suit against Suzy magazine. Lawsuits against the Daily Mail would follow, with Musar claiming the Daily Mail article would send the escort allegations around the world, and that as a woman, Musar felt bad about such words being said about Melania.

The Slovenian Suzy magazine never apologized for linking Melania with an alleged escort agency, claims Musar, and that’s why Melania decided to follow through because Melania wouldn’t stand for such a lie.

“And that was why Mrs. Trump said that ‘I have to go with this procedure to the end, because I would not tolerate that somebody was spreading such a lie all over the planet.’”

The lawsuit against Mihelic, the writer in Slovenia who wrote the article for Suzy, is still in the courts. Melania’s Slovenian lawyer is now the subject of lots of curiosity. Musar has never met Melania in person, but the 49-year-old spoke to the Daily Beast.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]