Malia And Sasha Obama Suffer ‘Cruel’ Social Media ‘Shaming’ After Weekend Antics

After reports of Malia and Sasha Obama spiked over the weekend, another cry for leaving the kids of politicians out of the headline news is heard, but this time it is about a different family, one who is no longer in the White House. Malia Obama, who is scheduled to start Harvard in the fall, was seen in two very controversial video clips over the weekend at Lollapalooza that went viral.

Her baby sister Sasha was allegedly seen kissing a boy around the same time at the very same music festival. Both incidents had some on social media sites pointing the blame at Barack and Michelle Obama for not having better control over their daughters’ behaviors, according to the Daily Beast. The Daily Beast came to their defense with a shout-out that these kids should be off limits to the critics.

Bustle also came to the Obama girls’ defense by claiming, “Shasha & Malia are facing backlash for being… regular teenagers.” While these news media outlets are saying let these teens be teens, others are pointing out how Malia’s actions might be seen as “inappropriate” after viewing the videos posted online of her weekend behaviors.

The video of Malia Obama that surfaced this weekend, which can be seen below in this article, showed her “dancing,” but many people didn’t see her behaviors as just dance moves. In fact, many offered up their opinion that there wasn’t a dance move to be found in her antics. Malia was seen dropping to the ground and thrashing around, kicking her feet and waving her arms, all while face down on the pavement.

She was also seen pounding the ground with her fists at the time. This was the first video to surface of her Lollapalooza antics. A second video emerged showing “Malia Obama out of it and carted out of Lollapalooza.” Both videos were posted by TMZ. The first post showed Malia having a dance party, seemingly all by herself, which was captured in the video posted below.

The second video shows what is reported as “Malia being carted out” of the music festival and they describe her demeanor as “out of it.” According to Celebrity Insider, Malia was witnessed “dancing in a crazy and weird manner with a girl friend.” Social media had a field day with what they witnessed on the first video to emerge of the former first daughter’s antics, reports AOL News.

The tweet below is in reference to the many comments about the so-called dance moves Malia was displaying at the music festival. Some compared her to a woman possessed while others suggested it was “voodoo-like moves” she was demonstrating, according to Truth and They write, “Malia Obama was caught on camera over the weekend at Lollapalooza displaying some bizarre dance moves that many are calling demonic.”

With the main stream news media handling Malia’s antics with kid gloves, many were quick to compare how different the headline news would be online and on the TV news shows it Malia’s last name was Trump. Many of the more well-known publications reported she was “rocking out” and having a great time “dancing” the night away. Not too much was mentioned about the odd behaviors that social media users picked up on.

Not many of the mainstream media sites went beyond calling her antics “dancing.” This was noticed by quite a few social media users, like the one in the post below.

Sasha had a harmless kiss as a 16-year-old girl from a mystery boy known only as “Matt” and that rite of passage turned into outrage by some of the social media users. They even went as far as “scrutinizing” Michelle and Barack Obama as having “bad parenting skills,” reports Bustle.

It is not known how Barack and Michelle Obama are taking the backlash coming from their daughters’ weekend at Lollapalooza, but as the girls’ parents, you might surmise that it pulls at their heartstrings. It has to be hard seeing your kids being ridiculed for doing things that many kids do, but their parents just don’t know about. Does Malia being “carted out” of the music festival concern them as parents?

If Malia wasn’t famous as the former first daughter, her parents would have never been the wiser to this situation. That innocent sweet 16 kiss Sasha shared with a boy wouldn’t have made headline news if she was a typical teen from a typical family.

Malia is 19 and she is doing things with her friends that normal 19-year-old kids do. It is just that typical 19-year-old kids aren’t the subjects of money shots, which is a great enticer for people to watch these famous kids and be ready to snap a picture or take a video clip. As theT Daily Beast suggests, it is time for all kids of politicians to be off limits.

That should go for all kids, no matter if their name is Trump or Obama. Barron, who is now 11, will be a teenager soon enough and if his father does a second term in the White House, he will be the same age as the Obama girls are today. Is this something he has to look forward to as he grows into his teens, being scrutinized around every bend?

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