Usher: No Sex, No Herpes For Quantasia Sharpton — But Fat-Shaming Condemned By Attorney Lisa Bloom

Quantasia Sharpton, also known as Angel Valentino, recently appeared in a press conference video, claiming Usher Raymond exposed her to herpes, as reported by the Inquisitr. The 21-year-old Quantasia claimed that she was 19 when she met Usher at his concert, as Sharpton stood out in the crowd for wearing a birthday crown. That’s when Usher allegedly told his people to get Sharpton’s phone number –- according to Quantasia -– and later had sex with Sharpton. Quantasia stood next to her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, as Quantasia chastised Usher for allegedly exposing her to herpes, even though Sharpton claimed she tested negative for herpes.

However, according to TMZ, Sharpton’s story isn’t true. Usher has been telling his friends that he did not have sex with Quantasia and that he did not expose Sharpton to herpes. Although Quantasia is claiming that she had sex with Usher in a hotel room and therefore exposed her to genital herpes, Usher is calling foul on Sharpton’s claims. Although Sharpton might appear in a viral video showing Usher pulling Quantasia up on the stage at one of his concerts — Usher isn’t sure if he did so or not — Usher is sure that he did not have sex with Sharpton.

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Quantasia is not Usher’s “type,” according to TMZ, and that accusation has played into the talk that has surrounded Sharpton’s name ever since her press conference video went viral. As reported by Jet, fat-shaming of Quantasia began almost immediately after Sharpton’s press conference video aired, with some folks writing on Twitter that they refused to believe Usher would have set with an overweight woman.

Usher, however, might have picked Sharpton out of the crowd at his concert and danced with Quantasia onstage because according to the sources who spoke with TMZ, Usher “looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.” Usher does this as an esteem booster to help all sorts of women feel special at his concerts, claim the sources. However, that doesn’t mean that Usher takes them back to a hotel room and has sex with all of them, as Sharpton has claimed. In spite of the TMZ article, Usher has not come forward and made an official statement about the herpes allegations in public.

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