‘BB19’ News: Josh In Tears After Fight With Jessica, And Cody Threatening To ‘Destroy’ Him ‘On The Outside’

Tension continues to build in the BB19 house just two days before Thursday night’s live eviction show is set to take place. Although current Head of Household (HOH) Josh Martinez has attempted to make amends with his arch enemies, Jessica Graf and her showmance Cody Nickson, the more he tries to talk them the angrier they seem to get.

At about 1:12 p.m. Big Brother house time, Josh could be seen on live feeds approaching Jessica and Cody as they sat eating breakfast in the BB19 kitchen. The minute he opened his mouth to speak to Jessica, she jumped down from her bar stool, shouted obscenities at him, and called him a “moron” as she stomped away. She then added, “You’re so dumb!”

This prompted Josh to mutter and laugh that if she was going to act that way, he was glad she was getting evicted.

Jessica is currently on the chopping block because she lost the most recent Temptation Competition. Although Elena and Raven are also nominees this week, Jessica seems to be the clear target of the house.

As Josh exited to the backyard, Jessica could be heard saying, Josh is the “dumbest human being” she has “ever met” in her entire life.

Not long after, Josh re-entered the kitchen area and approached both Jessica and Cody sitting at the breakfast bar. On live feeds, Jessica could be heard giving Josh a “warning,” stating that she did not want to talk to him.

Cody then, while balling up his fist, angrily called Josh several obscene names and dared Josh to confront him outside the BB19 house.

Josh calmly continued to try to talk to Jessica but she refused, calling him “stupid,” so he asked why. She responded by asking, “Do you listen to yourself speak on a daily basis, cause, unfortunately, I have to?”

As Josh took a stance further away from the couple, Cody interjected by declaring Josh won’t like the things Cody has to say about him in the Diary Room. Cody also threatened Josh, telling him he is going to “destroy” him and “rip” him “apart on the outside.” He added he was going to make the “whole world” know Josh is a big piece of excrement.

As the verbal sparring and threats continued, Josh asked Cody why he was so mad, adding, “Do you realize you’re playing a game?” However, Cody proclaimed it was “not a game” to him, but instead “real… life.”

Josh asserted that Jessica and Cody don’t even know him, so Jessica retorted with, “We don’t speak to people we don’t like. So… is that weird…?”

According to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, at around 1:19 p.m., Jessica called Josh a “coward” and dismissed his HOH by insinuating he only won the title due to a random challenge.

Jessica then made fun of Josh for wanting a “boo” or girlfriend and then followed that up by banging a wooden spoon celebrating the fact that she is going home, according to Joker’s Updates.

On live feeds, Josh could eventually be seen retreating to his HOH room where he cried about the confrontation, upset that Jessica and Cody made “personal attacks” on him and worried he will end up in jury with Cody. Paul Abrahamian gave him words of support, stating Jessica and Cody were bullies and Josh stood his ground against them. He told Josh, “I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself,” as Josh continued to feel sad and tearful.

Following the Big Brother blow up, Kevin Schlehuber said he does not want Cody in the BB19 house if he’s going to threaten people, Joker’s Updates reports.

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