‘Before The 90 Days’ Star Paul Staehle’s Past Revealed: Arson Arrest, Other Issues With Law

The new show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days just started on TLC and information is already coming out about one of the cast members. It turns out that Paul Staehle has a sketchy past that they didn’t share on the show. Starcasm was able to find out what Paul has done and revealed the details.

Thirty-four-year-old Paul from Louisville, Kentucky went to Brazil to meet with his potential fiancee on the show. Paul shared that he used an international dating site to find a match because he had some issues with local women he tried dating. He was taking a big risk but thought it would be worth it.

It turns out that back in 2014, Paul Staehle was arrested for felony arson. Of course, they didn’t share this on the show at all. This didn’t keep him from going to Brazil to meet his girl Karine, though. This isn’t the only arrest in Paul’s past either. It turns out that he was also arrested in Taylorsville, Kentucky and charged with Violation of a Kentucky EPO (Emergency Protective Order) / DVO (Domestic Violence Order) in 2013. This does show some issues in past relationships for Paul. On 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Paul Staehle never talks about his past arrests.

There is also what appears to be a spoiler out. This reality star made a GoFundMe account back in March of 2016 that really confused a few people. He was trying to raise money for a wedding ceremony and to help his fiancee and her village. It does show him with Karine and so it does look like they are engaged at some point. So, it does look like things work out for them, but the wedding pictures haven’t been shown. It seems Paul and Karine filmed all of this last year and it is just now airing. The fans can’t wait to see how this couple does and if their marriage ends up happening or working out.

Are you shocked by Paul Staehle’s past? Do you feel like TLC should have looked into him a bit more before casting him on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days when it airs on Sundays on TLC.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]