Son Of Zach & Tori Roloff ‘Stole The Show’ At Aunt’s Wedding, Tori Later Shared Baby Jackson’s Strict Bedtime

Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff attended Molly Roloff’s wedding over the weekend, and baby Jackson Roloff “stole the show” as he nears his 3-month birthday. In Touch Weekly shared that the first Roloff grandbaby, Jackson Kyle Roloff, completely “stole the spotlight” at Aunt Molly’s wedding on Saturday. Tori Roloff later shared on Instagram how strict baby Jackson’s sleep cycle is, saying that “he’s training us well.”

As a fan-favorite couple on Little People, Big World, Zach, 27, and Tori Roloff, 26, often keep fans updated about baby Jackson via social media, and this past weekend was no different. Fans were delighted to see baby Jackson in photos of Molly’s wedding, which took place on the sprawling Roloff Farms in Oregon on Saturday. Tori Roloff took to her personal Instagram account and shared both a family photo and a photo posing with the happily married couple.

In Touch Weekly wrote today that in the photos, baby Jackson looked “dapper” in a white dress shirt, a little bow tie, and matching dark-colored shorts. The Roloff Farms Instagram account also shared a photo of Zach and Tori Roloff with baby Jackson, along with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, and Jacob and his long-time girlfriend Isabel. Baby Jackson looks adorable in all of the photos, and his little tummy is visible in all of the photos. Mom Tori even pointed out that his belly was sticking out.

Tori Roloff used hashtags #canthidedatbellydoe and #theresthatbellyagain to caption two photos with baby Jackson, but fans loved looking at “precious baby Jackson’s belly.” Other fans were more fixated on baby Jackson’s “chubby legs” and “chubby baby wrinkles” than his “belly peeking under his shirt.” In Touch Weekly also recently shared that baby Jackson is going through a “growth spurt” as he’s coming up on his 3-month birthday in just four days — which may explain why he’s popping out of his clothes in the wedding photos.

Baby Jackson looks happy and content in most of the photos from Molly and Joel’s wedding, but Tori Roloff took to social media later to say that baby Jackson has a strict bedtime routine. A video that was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday states that baby Jackson has a “complete melt down” if he’s not in bed by 9 p.m. Tori Roloff shared baby Jackson’s sleep cycle in an Instagram Story that was captured in the video, along with photos of baby Jackson sleeping, one of which was shared on the Instagram account for fans of Zach and Tori called @zachntorifans.

The same Instagram fan page shared another family photo of the Little People, Big World newlywed couple at Molly’s wedding. Baby J’s tummy is also visible in this photo, but fans mostly commented on the 2-month-old’s facial expression, saying that he “does not look impressed.”

The Little People, Big World network, TLC, uploaded a video to YouTube five days ago where Zach Roloff shared that baby Jackson is sleeping through the night “for the most part” and “loves bath time.” Mom Tori also shared that baby Jackson loves to get his diaper changed because he “loves being naked,” according to Zach. Dad Zach also shared that his 2-month-old son snores “just like his father,” but they both sleep through each other’s snoring. Both Zach and Tori Roloff agreed that they’re “pretty chill” parents to baby Jackson. While Zach and Tori say they’re laid back first-time parents, baby Jackson definitely keeps them on a strict bedtime routine and “training” them well to not stay out past 9 p.m.

Longtime viewers and fans of Little People, Big World are looking forward to another new season of the long-running TLC reality TV series that chronicles the daily lives of the Roloff family members as three — now four, including baby Jackson — have forms of dwarfism. RenewCancelTV says that TLC has yet to officially renew Little People, Big World, but Amy Roloff shared on social media that a new season is set to air in September. Little People, Big World usually airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC, and the next new season will more than likely show more of baby Jackson, along with his new baby cousin.

Jeremy, 27, and Audrey Roloff, 26, is due to welcome a baby girl — the second Roloff grandbaby — into the world at the end of this month, and a video that was uploaded to YouTube five days ago shows Audrey showing off her large 36-week baby bump in a “cute pink” bathing suit that reads “warning big splash.”

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]