WWE News: Samoa Joe Says Whether Brock Lesnar Is Tone Deaf To The Fans

In what was supposed to be a simple one-off affair, but the Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe match at Great Balls of Fire ended up as the best WWE match that Lesnar had competed in for a very long time. As a result, Brock said that he was happy working with Joe and the big Samoan is now getting a second title opportunity at SummerSlam this month.

Samoa Joe on his WWE match with Brock Lesnar

In an interview with The Mirror, Samoa Joe had similar compliments to give out towards Brock Lesnar. When it comes to his expectations for the Great Balls of Fire match, Joe said that it exceeded his expectations. Samoa Joe said that the WWE match was “every bit the physical encounter” that he expected it to be.

Samoa Joe said that he is intense and said that he puts very high expectations on his matches in the WWE and around the world. When asked about Brock Lesnar, Joe said that he lived up to the hype as intense as well. At the end of the day, Samoa Joe said that the match itself lived up to all of his expectations.

One thing that really impressed WWE fans was how much of a threat the WWE made Samoa Joe out to be. That is rare when it comes to the booking of Brock Lesnar.

Is Brock Lesnar tone deaf to WWE fans?

When talking about Brock Lesnar and his reputation in the WWE, Samoa Joe said that there are a lot of people who have the “false assumption” that Brock is tone deaf to the fans in the WWE and other areas. Samoa Joe said that is very far from being the truth.

WWE News: Samoa Joe Says Whether Brock Lesnar Is Tone Deaf To The Fans

Samoa Joe said that Brock Lesnar is one of the “most savvy businessmen” he has ever worked with, not just limiting it to the WWE or professional wrestling. According to Joe, Brock is a better businessman than anyone in combat sports, which says a lot when comparing him to people like Conor McGregor and the like.

When talking about Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe pointed out that Brock knows what will make money and knows how to sell fans what they want. Joe said that Lesnar knew that presenting him as a threat to his title would give more “fire and hyper meaning to the match.”

WWE News: Samoa Joe Says Whether Brock Lesnar Is Tone Deaf To The Fans

It makes sense. Brock Lesnar lost to Bill Golberg in under two minutes at Survivor Series last year and it was so huge that Goldberg found himself at the top of the WWE again. It ended up with a great WrestleMania 33 match. This wasn’t so much about the WWE telling Brock Lesnar he needed to lose that fast. As Samoa Joe said, it was about Lesnar knowing how to sell his future matches.

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