Victor Cruz Makes Tribute To Sandy Hook Victim Jack Pinto

Victor Cruz went above and beyond on Sunday when he paid tribute to Jack Pinto, one of the young victims in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Giants team donned helmets with a decal that honored the Sandy Hook school victims, but Cruz took the tribute farther when he wrote Jack’s name on his cleats and gloves, adding the statement, “This one’s for you,” reports

Cruz spoke after the game as well about hos emotional the tribute made him. The football player stated:

“It was emotional. I was fighting back tears to do it. It felt good to honor a family that was goign through so much and perhaps to think that messages go out to these athletes — and some athletes just brush them off — so it felt good to be one of the athletes that listened to that family and did something to pay tribute to them. It felt special.”

Along with paying tribute to him during the game on Sunday, Victor Cruz also called Jack Pinto’s family to personally offer his condolences for the loss of their little boy.

Yahoo! Sports adds that Tom Coughlin, the Giants head coach, added, “Our hearts go out to the families. To have this happen, it’s almost beyond explanation.”

Despite the fact that the Giants lost their game to the Falcons 34-0, the tribute had more meaning than the team and Cruz will likely understand.