‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8 Cancellation Rumors Arise Over Alex O’Loughlin’s Rumored Exit

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 cancellation rumors are on the rise amidst talks that Alex O’Loughlin will be leaving the CBS drama after its eighth season and with the recent controversy involving two of the show’s stars, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. Is it time to say goodbye to H50?

The fate of Hawaii Five-0 is up in the air, but unlike other shows that get canceled due to low ratings, the show’s rumored cancellation is due to the uncertainty regarding its cast members. The CBS drama continues to be one of the strongest shows on the network, as evidenced by its solid ratings, but the show will be returning for Season 8 without two of its cast members, including another actor’s potential exit.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 is believed to be the make or break season for the CBS drama, as Alex O’Loughlin has previously expressed his desire to leave the show after the eighth season. This alone was enough to spark rumors that the show will be canceled, especially because O’Loughlin plays the lead role of Steve McGarrett, but an earlier interview with the show’s creator, Peter Lenkov, revealed that the show will go on with or without O’Loughlin, reports TV Guide.

Lenkov said that he has no idea why O’Loughlin was already talking about his exit from Hawaii Five-0 Season 8. Lenkov guessed that the actor may simply be asking for a higher pay or he might have been exhausted after filming consecutive scenes.

“If Alex elects not to come back, that’s obviously going to be his choice. But we’re moving forward as if the show’s going to keep going.”

If O’Loughlin was truly just asking for a better deal, would CBS grant him his demands? As most fans can recall, Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 lost Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park after contract negotiations failed between the actors and the network.

Kim recently addressed his exit from Hawaii Five-0 during the TCA summer press tour, reports Variety. According to Kim, he was thankful for the opportunity of playing the role of Chin Ho for seven years, but he had to leave the CBS drama to maintain his self-worth.

Kim and Park were reportedly demanding for equal pay with their co-stars, O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 will, therefore, move forward without Kim and Park, and will introduce new actors to join the series.

Do you think Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 should be the last if Alex O’Loughlin decides to leave the CBS drama?

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