David Cross claims he snorted coke “40ft from Obama”

A comment made by comedian David Cross at a stand-up gig this week has been widely re-posted across the blogosphere due to an outrageous claim he made about snorting coke at the White House Correspondents’ Association, about 40 feet away from the President.

Cross wrapped up a set Wednesday night with the controversial brag, apparently part of an ongoing competition with a friend. Cross “got to go because (his) girlfriend is a fancy Hollywood actress,” and he decided to use the opportunity to get the upper hand over a friend who’d done blow in the now-defunct DEA museum on a trip there with Cross. Cross said:

“But it’s crazy and there’s security, Secret Service is standing there,” said Cross. “I’ve got photos of all this. … I’m there and the president is right here and with all these people at the table” Cross snorted some coke, he said. “Maybe 40 feet from the president of the United States!”

Cross said he texted his friend to say, “No way you can ever top that.”

Cross could very well be joking, but it hasn’t stopped many right-wing blogs from blaming the incident on Obama. No comment from girlfriend Amber Tamblyn (of the squeaky-clean chick flick series Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants) on the veracity of her fella’s story.