William DeVry Updates On His ‘GH’ Contract, He Is Pretty Confident That There Will Be Good News Coming Soon

While it looked like William deVry would definitely be gone from General Hospital because of a snag in his recent contract negotiations, things may be starting to come together after all. According to the actor, he is not out the door just yet. He seems to be quite confident that both parties are coming close to an agreement, and that means more Julian Jerome on your TV screen for a while longer.

This whole ordeal of negotiating a new General Hospital contract seems to be more like a soap opera than the show itself anymore. The latest news from Soap Opera Digest reveals that deVry is pretty close to working out the details that would keep him on GH. He told the magazine that while the deal has been going quite slow, he has every reason to believe that it will eventually be ironed out.

With that being said, the soap star did mention that there was still a chance that it would all fall through as it did with fellow GH co-star Tyler Christopher, but he is still confident that a deal will be reached. His last taping was the end of June, so he has been chilling since then. The good news is that while William is waiting it out, he is still chatting with the network to be able to get his contract renewed. Julian Jerome may not be done trying to win back the heart of Alexis just yet.


Julexis fans have been holding their breaths with both anticipation and dread that they may lose one of their favorite actors, and also their favorite on-screen couple. William deVry has been playing the role of Julian since 2013 and his pairing with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) has been met with high praise. The chemistry between them is unmistakable.

William deVry is positive
GH fans love Julexis [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

William deVry also mentioned that he has another possible gig that will get him by at least until next spring, so he hopes the snag can be resolved soon. Hopefully, he won’t have to wait much longer for the GH deal to go through. He said that he knows this is all about business and is not taking the delay in his negotiations with General Hospital and ABC personally.

“I honestly don’t think it’s a big thing. It’s just life, it’s just business. It’s not personal; I don’t want to make it personal.”

He added that he loves his character and being a part of GH, as well as his bosses that he works for and the people he works with. He especially loves his fans as they have been supporting him by contacting ABC and taking to social media to beg the soap to re-sign him.

William deVry had just attended the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend, along with his TV son, Ryan Carnes, and a few other GH stars. He took the time to chat with fans, answer questions, and snap plenty of photos with his admirers. He may or may not be returning to his role as Julian Jerome, but he is happy to make the day of some lucky fans who came out to meet him.

It is a good sign that William deVry came right out and said how confident he feels about getting that contract set in stone. Of course, there is still a chance that it may fall through, but all signs seem to point to him returning to General Hospital soon.

[Featured Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]