‘The Sinner’: Will Cora Tannetti Plead Guilty? Prison Might Be Easier Than Confronting Her Demons [Spoilers]

The Sinner premiered on USA network last Wednesday. It has received a lot of positive feedback, and fans can’t wait to see another episode. Spoiler TV released a promo clip, which teases that Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) will either plead guilty or innocent. The clip didn’t reveal the plea, but fans are speculating that going to prison might be easier for Cora than confronting the demons from her past.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. If you have not seen the season premiere, then proceed with caution.

During the first episode of The Sinner, Jessica Biel’s character committed a horrific crime. She brutally murdered a man in front of tons of witnesses. However, Detective Ambrose (Bill Pullman) isn’t satisfied with a confession. He wants to know why she did it, but it seems that Cora Tannetti is not interested in him digging into her past.

Ambrose has the same question that viewers are asking themselves. Why did she do it? What caused her to suddenly snap and kill a man she claims never to have met? There were clues in the season premiere that the man’s actions at the lake triggered a past trauma. In fact, several scenes prior to the murder hinted that Cora was close to coming undone.

It seems that Cora wants to plead guilty. When her husband finally visited her in jail, she insisted that he do whatever was necessary. This included moving on with his life. It was almost as if she was pushing him away.

In The Sinner Episode 2, Ambrose wants to find out what, exactly, caused Cora to snap. He tells her that she can get her life back. She responds by asking what makes him think she wants it back. It appears that the demons from her past are just too much to bear. In her mind, it is easier to just accept a prison sentence than to confront her trauma.

However, Ambrose is not going to give up. He says in the promo clip that somebody out there knows something. He isn’t going to rest until he finds out information. As for Cora’s husband, Mason, he is also going to do his own investigation.

What do you think is going to happen with Cora in The Sinner? Will she plead guilty and risk going to prison instead of dealing with her demons?

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