Sasha Obama Photographed Making Out With A Guy At Lollapalozza Music Festival

Sasha Obama is joining her sister in the headlines after their wild weekend at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. On Sunday, Malia Obama, 18, was in the news for her untamed dancing moves to The Killers’ set on Saturday night. She was seen headbanging, writhing on the ground, and getting into it as she rocked to the tunes. Now, her younger sister is getting attention for allegedly chatting with a guy before passionately kissing him shortly afterward.

Radar Online reports that Sasha Obama was seen talking with a mystery man named Matt before they engaged in a heated make-out session. Former President Barack Obama’s 16-year-old daughter was getting cozy with a young man at the festival rather quickly, according to the report.

A photo of Sasha and her guy was snapped and posted to social media with the caption, “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.”

Celebrity Insider adds a few more details to the story. Concert-goers took photos of Sasha Obama with her rumored “new man,” as she was photographed wearing a crop top, yellow baseball hat, and embracing the guy, who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The news source reveals that Matt Metzler has a controversial reputation online. Images of Sasha and Matt are seen a little further down on this page from the Twitter account of the Shade Room.

Not much else is known about the alleged incident, but Sasha has been the subject of gossip since she was spotted in revealing bikinis and partying on beaches in Miami. Once viewed as the more conservative Obama daughter, she’s catching up to 19-year-old Malia in the wild behavior department.

Although Sasha and Malia no longer live in the White House and their father’s presidency is over, their activities are still of interest to people. Many criticize the media for reporting on the Obama daughters many social outings, which is largely perceived as what young adults do as a “rite of passage.” The media attention drawn to them is at times seen as invading their privacy.

Malia Obama will begin her studies at Harvard in the fall after taking a gap year. Sasha Obama will resume school at Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. She’s set to graduate following her senior year in 2019. Both young women joined their parents for a family vacation in Hawaii and Indonesia at the end of June. They toured historic landmarks and enjoyed some whitewater rafting before their father’s speaking engagement at the Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Jakarta.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]