Christina And Tarek El Moussa Back Together For ‘Chi-Town Flip’

Christina El Moussa has been the talk of a lot of tabloid fodder. Last year, it was announced that she had been separated from her husband, Tarek El Moussa, since May of 2016. This was huge news because for the better half of six months, the couple went on with life without making a big deal about their troubles. Both Christina and Tarek have continued working on Flip or Flop together despite their personal issues. Their private life has helped to bring ratings way up, and now, HGTV has ordered new episodes through the end of 2017.

After almost a year filled with drama and gossip, Christina El Moussa is finally at a place where she can work comfortably with Tarek El Moussa. The two are sharing a lot these days, but love is not one one of those things. El Moussa and her ex-husband can now co-parent effectively and work together without some of the high tension that was there before. With the higher ratings for Flip or Flop because of their personal struggles, the network has awarded them a second project. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Christina and Tarek El Moussa will be the executive producers for Chi-Town Flip together on the HGTV network. This is going to be the same deal as Flip or Flop, but it will be based in Chicago.

It is bittersweet for the once-happy couple to flourish in their business after their relationship crumbled. Tarek El Moussa had a moment back in May of 2016 that led to the huge blowout and subsequent separation from Christina El Moussa. The two have been amicable when it comes to their children, but the spotlight on their failed marriage has made things tough. Christina has not been shy about flaunting the men she is dating, and there have been quite a few over the last few months. Tarek has been on the more reserved side but has been spotted out with other women since.

Right now, there is very little info about Chi-Town Flip available. It premiered last night on the HGTV network. While Christina and Tarek El Moussa are not the hosts, they are the executive producers. The jury is still out on whether it was good to watch, but Christina is very proud of the show and all of the hard work that went into it from the hosts and the crew.

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]