Kenya Moore And Marc Daly Caught Arguing Over ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’?

Kenya Moore is caught on video with her new husband Marc Daly while they are dining at a restaurant. It seems like the new couple was arguing and there is reported tension about filming Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10.

Sources state that businessman and former banker Marc Daly is a private person and does not like the portrayal of men in the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise. TMZ previously reported that Kenya Moore was giving an ultimatum about filming with her husband or getting fired from the series.

Kenya has since confirmed that she is filming the upcoming season, which may suggest that Marc Daly has agreed to be involved with the series. However, this is yet to be confirmed. The video of Kenya and Marc, which you can watch below, comes after a blind item suggested that their marriage is fake.

The former beauty queen has denied that her relationship is inauthentic and she will not marry someone just for the cameras. Her secret marriage was not filmed by the Bravo network; however, she is expected to have a ceremonial marriage in Atlanta.

Kenya is trying to have a baby with her husband and is said to be undergoing IVF treatment. The video of the newlyweds does not have any audible information but many commenters of TheShade Room think the couple is arguing about something.

One commenter said the following.

“Anyone can see they are having a disagreement look at his face body language but they are married disagreements happen.”

Kenya Moore’s large wedding ring is on full display in the video. The reality TV star wore a yellow dress and a small necklace in the video while Marc Daly kept it casual with a t-shirt. The couple does not seem aware that they are being filmed and the video was probably taken by a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya has spoken about how fame can affect a relationship, which is one of the reasons she kept her new romance a secret for over six months.

While some fans are skeptical about the marriage, others are happy she has finally found love after her toxic relationship with Matt Jordan in RHOA Season 9.

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[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]