Tori Roloff Pens Emotional Instagram Post, Calls Molly Jo The ‘Sister I Never Had’

The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions for the Roloff clan particularly for Tori, who’s happy for sister-in-law Molly but is at the same time sad that the weekend has come to a close.

The Roloff family, along with some of their closest friends, spent the weekend watching Molly and new husband Joel Silvius say their “I do’s.” As expected, every member of the Roloff family was overcome with emotions as Matt and Amy’s only daughter got married. Even the youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob, showed off some of his sensitive sides by expressing how surreal the day was. In a photo he shared on his Instagram account, Jacob said that he was struggling to take everything in, particularly the fact that his big sister is now Molly Jo Silvius.

In a recent Instagram post, Tori Roloff shared that she’s been “so emotional” during the past week. She stressed that she loves Molly Jo so much and that she is happy for her sister-in-law. Tori feels so close to Molly that she did not even hesitate to call her the “sister I never had.” She also said that watching Molly “be so unbelievably happy” has made her “heart swell with happiness.”

Tori is obviously so overcome with glee after witnessing Molly get married in a simple yet fairytale-like wedding that she said that she feels like her “heart might burst from the love I feel.”

“Love for my husband. Love for my son. Love for my seestor. Love for my family. Love for my friends.”

Tori ended the Instagram post by saying, “I have cried so many tears of joy as I was reminded just how important these things are.”

This is, of course, not the first marriage seen since Little People, Big World started airing. Twins Jeremy and Zach are both happily married to Audrey and Tori, respectively. Tori seemed to be the more emotional of the sisters-in-law. Audrey has been relatively quiet despite finally posting a photo on her Instagram account of her and Jeremy sharing a romantic kiss during the wedding. She added a beautiful message dedicated to Molly.

Tori, meanwhile, already shared a couple of photographs from the wedding. The first was a photo of her small family including Zach and Baby Jackson. Tori followed that up with a snap of the trio with the newlyweds.

Most recently, Tori posted a selfie featuring herself with Molly presumably taken after the wedding. Both Molly and Tori are already out of their respective wedding gown and dress, which probably means the photo was taken on Sunday, a day after the wedding.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Instagram]