Dunkin Donuts Employee Refuses To Serve Cops, NYPD Boycotts In Response

A Dunkin Donuts employee at a Brooklyn location refused to serve two cops – at least, that’s the claim made by the NYPD. In response, the NYPD boycotted the popular chain over the weekend, leaving the donut shops – which normally can be counted on to have a few police officers inside at all times – devoid of cops.

As The New York Post reported, two NYPD officers stopped by a location in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood to get, ironically, ice cream rather than donuts. The employee on duty that day ignored the cops at first, according to an unnamed source within the NYPD. Then, he allegedly said, “I don’t serve cops.”

Michael Palladino, head of the Detectives Endowment Association, said that the NYPD responded to the alleged shun with a city-wide Dunkin Donuts boycott.

It appears that the boycott did indeed take place. An unidentified worker at one Big Apple location said that, on a typical day, he or she would see about twenty cops.

“[There were] actually none today.”

Another Dunkin Donuts employee at another location, Setu Mallick, said that he or she usually sees about four or five cops in a shift.

“Today I did not see [them].”

Palladino wants an apology. He won’t be getting one.

In an email obtained by the Post, a DD executive warned employees not to talk to the media about this situation. What’s more, a Dunkin spokesperson refused to apologize, on behalf of the company, for the actions of one franchisee’s employee.

“That is a private matter between the franchisee and his employee.”

In a follow-up Post report, a Dunkin spokesperson claimed that the “confusing” layout of that particular location perhaps led to the cop thinking he was being ignored when, in fact, it just wasn’t clear to customers where to place their order. What’s more, the spokesperson said, there are two registers at that location, but only one of them is usually staffed, leading to even more confusion.

“The franchisee has informed us that he has made temporary adjustments to the store signage to be followed by a more permanent solution to avoid situations like this in the future.”

The spokesperson didn’t address the employee allegedly saying “I don’t serve cops.”

Either way, Sergeants’ Benevolent Association boss Ed Mullins isn’t buying it.

“Basically, Dunkin’ Donuts is saying that the two officers in the store were too stupid to know where to order — while every other customer came in and knew where to order. It’s an insult to all members of law enforcement.”

Do you believe the NYPD was right to boycott Dunkin Donuts over a perceived slight from an employee? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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