Jacob Roloff Shares His Photo With ‘Beautiful, Sweet, Genius’ Sister Molly Jo On Her Wedding Day

Molly Jo is on cloud nine right now after her simple fairy tale wedding, but few people may be as overwhelmed as her rebellious little brother, Jacob. The youngest Roloff was a picture of perfection as he beamed with pride while posing with her older sister in an Instagram post he shared.

Jacob shared a photograph of himself with Molly who he described as his “beautiful, sweet, genius” sister. The photo shows Molly in her elegantly simple and perfect-fitting wedding gown standing beside her younger brother. Jacob is wearing a printed shirt and a black tie while his pants are being held by a pair of brown suspenders. He kept his hair long and wavy, giving his look for the wedding that distinct Jacob Roloff flair. The two are sweetly wrapped around each other’s waist showing off some off the closeness that was prominent during their earlier years in the Little People, Big World.

It must be remembered that Jacob and Molly have since left the show to pursue their own paths. Molly left for the university and hasn’t regularly been seen on the show since. Molly has already finished a degree in accounting is living and working in Spokane when she and new husband Joel Silvius announced their engagement, which was featured in the reality show.

Jacob, meanwhile, left the show in bitter terms. He quit in July last year as he called out the rest of the family for “being totally fake and scripted.” Since then, Jacob has been on a tear visiting a number of places while on a road trip with his girlfriend Isabel Rock and their dogs. Jacob hasn’t exactly left the spotlight. He continues to share some aspects of his life through his YouTube channel. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jacob has also released a book titled Verbing, which tells of his “thoughts in physical form.”

Jacob eventually settled his differences with the rest of the Roloff family, which has taken him and Isabel in with open arms. In fact, in recent weeks, Jacob and Isabel could often be seen on the farm and doing their part to make Molly’s wedding a success. According to the few photos shared by the family thus far, the wedding was indeed one for the books.

Jacob gushed over his older sister and how surreal the day was. On what is definitely one of the most momentous events in Molly’s life, all Jacob could say was that “today was on a whole other level.” When Jacob shared his Instagram post, he expressed that he’s still “taking it in” and was reviewing the pictures of the wedding to help everything sink in.

One of the highlights of the wedding was when the couple started strutting their stuff to “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne for their first dance as husband and wife, according to PEOPLE. Jacob was probably having quite a difficult time taking in how their father Matt, who needs crutches to walk, got up for the traditional father and daughter dance.

With Molly entering the world of wedded bliss, that leaves Jacob as the only Roloff sibling to still be single. Jacob is in no hurry to tie the knot, however, as he seems content with how things are going with him and Isabel. If Jacob does decide to get hitched, the Roloff Farms will be the perfect venue as all three married Roloff children said their “I Do’s” here.

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]