‘Rick And Morty’ Contest Winner Auctioning Off Rare McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce For Charity

While only a small handful of fans have managed to get their hands on the fabled McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, one contest winner is passing on his luck to the masses, opting to auction off his supply of the now infamous McNugget dipping sauce.

For those who need a refresher, here’s a quick recap. Following its appearance in the Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty, the long-discontinued McDonald’s Szechuan sauce (which was originally created as part of a promotion for Disney’s Mulan) became an internet obsession. In the weeks following the premiere’s airing, fans of the show took to various forms of social media in an attempt to convince McDonald’s to bring the sauce back to the masses. While months went by without any official announcements, McDonald’s teased fans with a few clever tweets, and in-house chef Mike Haracz pledged to try and revive the long-forgotten condiment.

A trio of half-gallon Szechuan sauce containers

“Szechuan fever” hit an all-time high last week, when Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland was sent a half-gallon container of the sauce. Shortly after, McDonald’s announced a giveaway, where three lucky fans would be chosen to receive their own personal jug of the condiment. Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced the contest winners via Twitter.

One of the contest winners, Robert “TheDCD” Workman, received his prize earlier this week. Rather than keeping it for himself, he decided to sell it in order to pay off a few bills and give some of the proceeds to charity, and has taken to eBay to auction off the sauce.

A picture of McDonald's promotional Szechuan sauce in it's carrying case

Speaking to the Inquisitr, Robert explained how exactly he managed to win the contest, which he attributes to his referencing a specific Rick and Morty quote.

“McDonald’s did a retweet contest this past Sunday where fans could basically ‘retweet’ to get the Szechuan sauce from 1998 to 2017. I jumped in and retweeted with a ‘NINE MORE SEASONS’ message and, well, I guess McDonald’s liked it. I got the message Sunday night that I won and they made it official Monday.”

Receiving the sauce earlier this week, Robert was tempted to open it and sample it for himself before selling, but he was convinced by his friends to keep it sealed. While he does plan to use the profits from the auction to settle some bills, he also plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to a couple of charities.

“I intend to help out the Extra Life Foundation, which a few friends take part in every year with their once-a-year marathon; and Ablegamers, which my friend Steven Spohn is part of. It depends what the total amount is but I’m going to help these guys out. I may find a third organization depending on the total tally.”

Extra Life, an annual charity event which centers around 24-hours of non-stop gaming, donates 100 percent of its proceeds directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The AbleGamers Foundation is another video game-centric charity, dedicated to bringing greater accessibility in the video game space. Specifically, the organization aims to make gaming more accessible to those who suffer from disabilities, often through the use of customized hardware and assistive technology.

Those who are looking to get their hands on the sauce (which comes with the included carrying case) will have to hurry, as bidding is set to close on Thursday, August 10. It’s worth noting that a reserve of $3,000 has been set, meaning that the seller has the option to cancel the auction if the highest bid does not exceed that figure.

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