Dunkin’ Donuts Is Thinking About Changing Its Name And It Could Alter Your Entire Way Of Thinking

For anyone who enjoys coffee and doughnuts, there may be a new, but still old, place for you to soon get your fix as Dunkin’ Donuts may be changing things up. The popular company is going to begin testing out how it is to be about more than just doughnuts when they cut their name in half and try being called simply Dunkin’ It’s going to start out in Pasadena, California, but more stores will start using the new name as 2017 goes on.

As reported by the Washington Post, this is something that the company is actually testing out, but they haven’t made a decision on if it will be made official just yet. Dunkin’ Brands, the company that runs Dunkin’ Donuts, has said that this test is going to take place to see how its customers react to it and whether they accept it or not.

The company stated that if it ends up being a successful test, it could result in having thousands of stores drop the word “Donuts” off of its signs and promotional materials. That’s a lot of work, but there is a big reason behind it, and Dunkin’ Brands says it is to help make the focus about more than just food.

dunkin donuts name change coffee rebrand

Dunkin’ Brands wants everyone to know that this world is now about beverages, and in an era of stores such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ can hold its own.

“This test coincides with our company’s plans to develop a new restaurant image. We do not anticipate making decisions regarding our branding until the latter half of 2018 when we begin rolling out our new store image.”

The thing here is that Dunkin’ Brands knows that they are doing quite well in the food department with its doughnuts, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. Now, the goal is to make sure that everyone realizes their coffee and other beverages are just as good and should be what customers come to get.

During this trial period, Dunkin’ Donuts will be no more in some locations as the company slices its name in half and attempts to get customers used to it. It should make no real difference what the name is as they will still serve the same incredible doughnuts, beverages, and food. Still, some people get used to something and don’t like change, but if this test proves to be successful, there will be nothing but Dunkin’ across the country starting next year.

[Featured Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]