The Ta-Ta Towel, A Product Designed To Soak Up Under Boob Sweat, Goes Viral

The Internet has its newest obsession: “The Ta-Ta Towel.” The new device, designed to fit a range of women from C cup to H cup breasts, fits under the breast and goes around the neck to fit securely underneath the other breast. It is designed to keep them lifted and soak up any under boob sweat that occurs, especially during the hot summer months. Women with large breasts are pretty stoked for the new design, as it can help them stay dry while they get ready for their day.

Not only does the Ta-Ta Towel soak up sweat, but it also keeps breasts lifted so that they air out underneath. This is pivotal for women with big breasts, as it can help them dry after the shower. Some women with extremely large breasts suffer from skin irritation from constantly having wet skin underneath their breats, so the “Ta-Ta Towel” might provide the perfect answer.

Although some have criticized the towel’s odd appearance, especially since it is described as loungewear (but really, not many people would be wearing it around the house unless they lived alone, with their partner, or with someone they were extremely comfortable with), but it already sold out when it debuted and has a new line, with new items to choose from, ready to go.

Some are a little shocked by the price of the towel, which retails for a cool $45 per Ta-Ta Towel. But many say that this is worth it if it actually does what it claims to do. The website is full of testimonials of women claiming that the Ta-Ta Towel is a revolutionary invention, and that it is incredibly comfortable to have their boobs held in place without a strap around their back and underneath their breasts. Many women claim to wear it around the house most of the time, and that it is most convenient when donned after the shower.

Other women claim that it is a Godsend, particularly because women with large breasts have stated that they have gotten sweaty when drying their hair, and the Ta-Ta Towel ensures that they aren’t a sweaty mess by the time they get ready for work.

[Featured Image by Anetlanda/Shutterstock]