Wendy’s Twitter Account Holds Nothing Back When Burning Austin Aries And WWE Tag Team The Revival

Social media has changed the way that storylines and angles happen, but it can also bring about interference from whom you’d least expect it. If you’re on Twitter, you may have learned by now that Wendy’s account is one of the most hilarious and savage on the Internet. In the last couple of days, Wendy’s has decided to step into the virtual wrestling ring to take on former WWE superstar Austin Aries and current tag team The Revival.

There have been reports over the last year that the Wendy’s Twitter account is roasting people left and right, and Bored Panda was correct in saying it is just “too funny.” The account takes shots at celebrities, politicians, and McDonald’s, and they have now started going after professional wrestlers.

It appears as if the person running the social media accounts for Wendy’s is caught up on everything trendy and popular in the world. A few people decided to ask Wendy’s what they thought about a few tag teams in the wrestling world, and they were more than happy to oblige.

First of all, one Twitter user wanted to know about the Young Bucks, and Wendy’s is obviously a fan. When it came to the WWE tag team known as The Revival, Wendy’s doesn’t seem to care for Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson too much.

Obviously, Wendy’s is a fan of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling but not so much the tag teams of WWE.

The former NXT Tag Team Champions weren’t the only wrestlers targeted by Wendy’s as Austin Aries also appeared to be on their list. At the beginning of July, WWE released Aries in what was seen as a very shocking move as he had been with the company for only a short period of time, as reported by Forbes.

While looking for another place to land, Aries decided to reach out to Wendy’s on Twitter and see if he could get a job with them. He was actually offered the opportunity to apply, but the hamburger giant wanted to make sure he was qualified.

In case you may not remember, current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville got the best of Austin Aries on a number of occasions, and that included WrestleMania 33. Obviously, Wendy’s is looking for someone who can step up to the plate and win when it counts.

The tweets from Aries and Wendy’s have since been deleted.

Update: Aries stated on Twitter that Wendy’s actually deleted their tweet to him after he called them out for their harmful food. The well-known vegan states that upon accusing Wendy’s of “peddling cancer causing food,” they deleted their tweet.

[Image by WWE]

There are a lot of Twitter accounts out there which should be followed due to their enjoyable content, but Wendy’s is ridiculously brutal. It’s just that they don’t limit their tweets to competing restaurants, but they step outside of that zone and go after everyone. Their comments about Austin Aries and WWE’s The Revival are hilarious, and the social media department has done their job well as Wendy’s is the current talk of the wrestling world.

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