Happy Birthday Barack Obama: Ex-President Turns 56 As Fans Send Well Wishes To First African American POTUS

He’s gone — from the White House, that is — but not forgotten.

Today, Aug. 4, 2017, is Barack Obama’s birthday. The 44th President of the United States turns 56, and fans around the world are sending President Obama well wishes chock-full of terms of endearment.

In keeping with the past, fans are celebrating Obama’s birthday on social media. For eight years of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama II took part in the world’s largest virtual birthday party. Many attend various gatherings and events to help usher in the milestone while Obama typically celebrates among family and close friends.

For his 55th birthday, President Obama was the guest of honor at a White House bash fit for a commander in chief. The guest list included some of the biggest names in politics and Hollywood.

The previous year, the charismatic president rang in his special day at Rose’s Luxury, a popular eatery in Washington, D.C. Because this year marks the first time in eight years Obama is celebrating his birthday as a private citizen, he is reportedly taking a laid back approach by relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard, according to Yahoo News. There, he’ll likely indulge in one of his favorite leisure activities with several rounds of golf.

Barack Obama’s Wife, ex-First Lady Michelle Obama, posted a touching photo on Instagram and captioned it with heartfelt words of adoration for her beloved husband.

Those who can’t take part in Barack Obama’s private birthday bash pay tribute on social media. Several hashtags are trending to celebrate President Obama’s birthday, including #ObamaDay, #Happy56, and #GiftofHope, to name a few. Other words and phrases cropped up that appeared to poke fun at Obama’s successor, Donald Trump: #missyou, #comeback, #saveus, #Trumpcraycray and others.

Yahoo describes Obama’s 56th celebration as “bittersweet.” Yahoo claims that “President Donald Trump is working to dismantle many of his predecessor’s signature policy achievements, including health care reform as well as key environmental regulations.”

As sources contend, the Trump administration maintains a steady attack on his predecessor, as well as his campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton, as he faces a probe by a special prosecutor over his own campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, and its role, if any, in the DNC hacking.

At this time, Obama has not engaged publicly with Trump over his rhetoric. Rather, he is keeping a low footprint in politics and is focusing on his foundation. In his free time, he hobnobs around the globe with his family.

Are you celebrating Barack Obama’s birthday?

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