‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: New Universe 6 Characters Leaked

A flurry of fighters joining the supercharged action in the ongoing Dragon Ball Super arc has been revealed in a new issue of the Japanese magazine, Saikyou Jump.

Pictures showing pages from the magazine were shared around on Twitter, revealing details about the remaining warriors representing Universe 6 in the world-ending tournament, many of which appear to be Namekian.

Two of them are named Saoneru and Pirina, both looking brawny and ruthless in the ring. Another one is the warthog Dr. Rota. Fans can expect these characters to make their own efforts to save their homeworld in the coming Dragon Ball Super episodes.

Since the text is in Japanese, top Dragon Ball insider Todd Blankenship has provided speculative translations on what these warriors could be all about. He says that Saoneru’s name sounds like the Japanese word for snail, “suneiru.”

He said that the “neru” part of the name of the Dragon Ball Super character gives that away, but the lack of the letter “i” in the spelling suggests that the name could be based on a specific type of snail.

Blankenship also provided the possible names for some of the unveiled Dragon Ball Super characters. Many of the names appear to be based on food such as Sirloin and Paparoni. He believes Sirloin has to be inspired from steak while the latter obviously sounds like famous pizza topping.


The name of the new Dragon Ball Super character Maji-Kayo appears to be based on the Japanese phrase “Maji ka yo?!” which translates to “Seriously?!” There is a female character called Logi, a name that sounds like “logic.”

Speaking of female characters, a slew more were revealed in the magazine. First is Kakunsa, who has blue skin, hair and mask. Another is named Bikaru and has an elf look to her. Two more are named Monna and Cawey.

Looking at the roster shown on the magazine, fans can expect a diverse bunch coming to Dragon Ball Super for sure. There is an adorable, pink-clad character named Ribrianne (shown in the Episode 102 promo among many others) and a couple of older but ominous and powerful-looking folks named Zarbuto and Jimiz.

There are also Dragon Ball Super fighters who are more android than human such as Narirama, Koitsukai, Biara, Panchia and Borureta, who has the appearance of a massive frog.

Fans should meet these characters very soon. In fact, the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode airing this Sunday should reveal some of them.


[Featured Image by Toei Animation]