‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Is There A Way For Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson To Both Stay In ‘BB19’ House?

Big Brother 19 rumors on social media have been focusing on two things this morning (August 4). Following Josh Martinez winning the Head of Household Competition and taking control of the BB19 house, a high number of fans of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have been wondering whether the showmance could survive another week in the game. If Jessica and Cody can survive through Josh’s week, then they would both become members of the BB19 jury. It’s something the couple talked about on the live feeds again Thursday night (August 3).

Regarding the Big Brother 19 rumors about both Jessica and Cody being able to survive another week, there are certainly several scenarios that could make that happen. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, BB19 host Julie Chen ended the Thursday night episode by stating the Temptation Competition would be returning this week. If producers use the same format as last week, then the winner would be granted safety and the last place finisher would become the third nominee for the week.

Flashing back to a week ago, when the first Temptation Competition came up, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson decided to pass on the opportunity to play for safety. It was a terrible game move for the showmance, as it then forced them into using the Halting Hex with very few alternatives to fall back on. This week, with no safety net available, Jessica and Cody are prepared to play things a little differently. That’s where these particular Big Brother 19 rumors start to make sense for the couple.

If either Jessica or Cody wins the Temptation Competition, then they are safe for the week. Using Cody as an example, if he is able to win the safety before the nominations are announced by Josh Martinez, then it means there will be two nominees other than Jessica on the block. If Jessica then finds a way to win the Power of Veto, which she has already done twice this summer, then she would also secure safety. That would leave three other houseguests on the block, forcing the BB19 house to evict someone unexpected.

That very scenario is coming up in Big Brother 19 rumors from conspiracy theorists on social media. If production wanted to make sure that both Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson made it to the BB19 jury, then they would have to figure out a way for them to both be saved this week. As the couple is now short on allies in the house, winning competitions would be the only way to guarantee that safety. If they can survive the week of Josh Martinez being in charge, then they will get to at least spend the summer in the sequestered mansion.

The Week 6 Temptation Competition will take place on Friday, followed by the Nomination Ceremony hosted by Josh Martinez. While much of the BB19 house is targeting Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction, the couple still has a way to save themselves. They will need to play smart and do well in these next two competitions, as their lives in the game depend upon it. Any other results and the next round of Big Brother 19 rumors will have to address what one-half of the showmance does at home for the rest of the summer.

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