‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 103-104 Spoilers: Goku And Hit Team Up, Gohan Targets Universe 10

The ongoing Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super is well on its way to becoming the long-running anime franchise’s most extraordinary saga to date, featuring shocking eliminations, huge twists, and potentially plot-changing revelations. As revealed by the recently released spoilers for DBS Episode 103-104, things in the Tournament of Power are only going to get a lot more intense.

The latest batch of Dragon Ball Super episode summaries was released in Japanese anime/manga publication Weekly Shonen Jump. Recently translated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship, the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 103-104 revealed some exciting developments in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103, “Gohan, Be Ruthless! The Showdown with Universe 10!!” would feature Son Goku’s firstborn son finally stepping up and taking the fight to the other warriors in the ToP. This, of course, could only mean bad news for Universe 10.

“Battling against Universe 10! Gohan has prepared himself!! Universe 10 is backed into a corner by the Universe 2 warriors, who have shown their true colors! Then Gohan and the rest of the Universe 7 team likewise challenge Botamo as well as the Universe 10 warriors to battle!!”

From what could be determined in the recently released summary for DBS Episode 103, it seems like Universe 10 might very well be the next group that would face destruction. During the Universe Survival Arc’s recruitment subplot, U10 proved that it was not very experienced in tournaments, as noticed by numerous DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit. This particular point was proven by the fact that its Kaioshin and God of Destruction simply looked for the largest, most physically imposing warriors they could find, without testing out their true power and potential.

Considering that Universe 10 would be targeted by U2 and U7, the inexperienced universe might very well follow the ill-fated Universe 9 to the grave. After all, Universe 2 has the potential to be one of the strongest universes in the Tournament of Power, and Gohan of Universe 7 is downright scary when he fights seriously.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 teased something that has triggered numerous discussions among avid fans of the anime. The episode, titled “A Faster-Than-Light Battle Begins! Goku and Hit’s Joint Front!!” confirms that at some point in the Tournament of Power, the two strongest warriors would team up against Universe 11.

“Goku and Hit form the mightiest tag-team?! Contestants continue to be eliminated in the Tournament of Power! In the middle of all this, Goku helps out Hit, who’s at a disadvantage against Universe 11…?!”

The summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 has effectively managed to set the DBS fanbase on fire. Hit and Goku, after all, are the strongest fighters in their respective universes. The pair had met on the battlefield in the past, once in a tournament and another in a no-holds-barred deathmatch. During both fights, Hit and Goku proved to be a match for one another, each fighter pushing the other to the limit.

Considering that Goku and Hit would be fighting alongside each other against Universe 11, there is a good chance that their opponents would not be the second-tier members of the Pride Troopers anymore. So far, a huge number of the U11 team had been defeated thanks to Universe 6 and Universe 7. The ones that are left behind, however, are probably the strongest warriors in the entire Tournament of Power. Thus, if there’s anything that is certain, it is the fact that Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 would be nothing short of epic.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available for streaming in the west through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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