Sadie Robertson ‘Welcomed In Sin’ Disguised As Passion, Writes ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson finally opened up about the demise of her two-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Blake Coward. The couple split in March of last year, but she never said why they parted ways or gave too much of a hint to the unhappiness regarding her relationship with Coward.

The 20-year-old was ready to share with her fans what her relationship felt like, looked like, and eventually ended up being like. It was filled with “passion,” Sadie wrote in a lengthy blog entry about why she is no longer with Coward today, according to Fox News.

The only problem is, passion isn’t love, but at the time, Sadie thought that it was. She heard it in church all the time the word “passion” and to her “it couldn’t possibly be a negative thing,” writes the young Duck Dynasty star.

Sadie describes the two of them as being “so passionate,” but despite having that passion, they fought like cats and dogs constantly. She found this very confusing and finally figured out that “it was a huge LIE.” She also wrote that “Over time, we welcomed sin in and allowed it to create a wedge between us and God.”

She hid her fights, describing one incident while she was in New York City with her family. They were there for Fashion Week and Sadie had just finished walking in the show. She said she returned to her hotel room and sat outside. She didn’t want anyone to see her makeup streaming down her face with the tears she cried from a fight she had over the phone with Blake.

She described it as an “intense fight” and while it’s been over a year since the two have split up, she feels what she has to say might help her fans if they ever find themselves in her situation. Sadie said that her experience is not obsolete, in fact, she says it is “normalized in our society today.”

Sadie wrote this lengthy blog post on her Live Original blog and she appropriately titled the post, “A passionate Pursuit By Sadie Robertson.” She described how she first thought of passion as something you possess that allows you to “fight, but make it through and kiss to forget.” Passion was “a love that was formed from the hard times,” or so she thought.

The screaming and fighting would go on until “our eyes were swollen” from tears and afterward they’d share a kiss, then makeup and then boom — our relationship will be stronger than ever.” She said their pattern of “I hate you, I love you. I hate you, I love you,” seemed so normalized from hearing and seeing the scenarios play out in the music and movies of today.

She describes her chemistry with Blake as being “off the charts” when times were good. Her train of thought also came around to the two years they had already invested in this relationship as another reason for hanging in there. Sadie was brutally honest and her fans can see a pattern that Sadie created, which could be a pattern that they themselves are in.

Sadie said her relationship was unhealthy and she wants her fans to know that “fear, jealousy, pain, selfishness, impurity, manipulation and degrading comments are all unhealthy components in a relationship.” She said that these components should never be considered “normal” in a relationship.

“I know what y’all were thinking, all is well mates,” she wrote. It sounds as if she suspected that while her fans read this they might misconstrue the post as a way of Sadie getting back at Blake, but she fooled them all. She writes that her ex-boyfriend, Blake, had seen the post before she published it and he gave it his okay.

“P.S.: This was Sadie written and Blake approved.”

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