Anti-Cellulite Cup Reviews, Ashley Black Guru Fascia Blaster Backlash, Kim Kardashian's 2017 Before-After Buzz

Paula Mooney

The are plenty of updates going on in the world of getting rid of cellulite and stretching fascia in 2017. Ever since Kim Kardashian's bikini photos from Mexico hit the web in April, there's been a lot of talk about Kim's beach cellulite online. Whereas Kardashian being body-shamed was deemed unfair by Kim's fans, that hasn't stopped Googlers from searching aplenty about how to get rid of cellulite and fat in the most effective manner.

According to Google Trends, the latest searches coming into their search engine feature plenty of queries about "anti-cellulite cup reviews" and "Kim Kardashian beach cellulite" searches. As seen in the below cellulite cup review video, the cellulite vacuum cup is one that's being touted online as an anti-cellulite vacuum cup that can be used with oil and suctioned across the body to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Google also reports that The Cellulite Myth, a book by Ashley Black, is a popular search trend. Instead of using a cellulite suction cup or anti-cellulite vacuum cups, "Ashley Black Guru" -- as she is known online -- has thousands of followers on Instagram and nearly 300,000 Fascia Blasters on Facebook who sing the praises of Black's Fascia Blaster to help do away with cellulite and feel more confident in bikinis.

Warning: The below video contains language that could be offensive.

However, there's also some backlash brewing in Fascia Blasting Land, with arguments over the sources of cellulite photos, and before-and-after pics showing greatly reduced cellulite. As reported by BuzzFeed, some women complained that they suffered injuries from blasting their fascia. Ashley urged women to note the difference between injuries and symptoms, which Black claims her company has received no medical proof has happened.

The closed Facebook group titled FasciaBlaster Negative Effects. Info and Negative Reviews is rife with accusations about the source of improved before-and-after cellulite photos.

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