‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kayla Confesses To Murder, Can Joey Save His Mom Before It’s Too Late?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers have teased that things will explode between Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) and the Johnson family. According to the latest information, the young man will succeed in getting Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to confess to Ava’s murder. Even though she didn’t kill anyone, and Tripp has a knife, she will still protect Joey (James Lastovic). What is going to happen next and can Joey save his mom before it’s too late?

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the NBC soap opera.

According to Daytime Royalty Online, Tripp Dalton will get what he wants. When he threatens Kayla with a knife, she will confess to killing Ava. However, everyone knows she is innocent of the crime. It was her son, Joey, who murdered Ava. That is who Steve has been covering for all of this time. With Kayla’s life in jeopardy, how will she be saved from Tripp, who has gone off the deep end?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that Steve will try to reason with Tripp and calm him down. That doesn’t work, and Kayla does her best to use her words to try to get him to put down the knife. Well, that doesn’t go so well, and it will be up to Joey to save his mom’s life. Racing against time, he knows that he can no longer allow his family to hurt because of his sins. Joey ends up speaking to Tripp and telling him everything. A sneak peek photo reveals that they are at Brady’s Pub when they have the big talk. How will Tripp react to the news and finding out he targeted Kayla when she was innocent?

Once Tripp discovers the truth, he feels betrayed. Everyone lied to him and kept a horrible secret. He can’t believe that he got close to someone who knew how much Ava’s death mattered to him, yet kept the facts to himself anyway. Tripp felts completely betrayed by his friend and half-brother, not to mention by Steve and Kayla.

Remember, there are others in Salem who also knew the truth. How will he feel if he discovers that Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) knew? There is also Jade Michaels (formerly Gabrielle Haugh), with whom Tripp got close. How will he deal with the fact that she lied to serve her own agenda?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Tripp will secretly decide to leave Salem. Meanwhile, Kayla will release all of her rage and rips into her husband. She needs someone to blame for everything that happened. However, fans shouldn’t worry about “Stayla” yet. They will get through this, just like they have been through tough situations in the past.

What do you think is going to happen with Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Tripp on Days Of Our Lives? Will Joey Johnson go to prison for killing Ava?

[Featured Image by Chris Haston/NBC]