‘Hair Goddess’ On TLC: Will This Show Return For Season 2?

Now that Hair Goddess Season 1 is coming to an end, the fans are curious about Season 2. TLC hasn’t shared the news about whether the show is renewed or canceled and the fans just want to know the details. Bustle shared about whether it looks like Hair Goddess will be back for Season 2 or not.

In this show, Christina Oliva teaches the world how she feels like extensions can change everything. On Season 1, she opened her new salon. The fans know that if this show came back again, you would get to see more about whether the salon is a huge success, and everyone is curious about how Christina is doing now.

After only six episodes, Season 1 of Hair Goddess has come to an end. This is a short first season, but a lot of shows do this so they can see if it is a success or not. Outdaughtered is a perfect example of TLC doing this with a series. It started out with just a few episodes and once they realized how great it was going to be, they brought it back for several more in the next season.

As of right now, TLC isn’t saying a word about if Hair Goddess will be back for another season or not. It did have pretty decent ratings, but they were a bit lower than I Am Jazz. Christina Olivia actually doesn’t know whether the show will be back or not. She answered a fan on Twitter who was curious saying, “Me too! Keep you posted love???? and thank you for watching!????????” Hopefully, that means that Christina Olivia would be up for another season if she was asked to do it again.

There is one update, though. Christina’s salon is still open and seems to be successful. It looks like she has had success. She may have to find some more drama to keep the reality show going, but regardless, it looks like she is living the dream. She did recently share that they were hiring as well on her Instagram page.

What do you think about the idea of Hair Goddess coming back for Season 2? Did you love the first season of this show? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss Hair Goddess when it airs on TLC. You know Olivia will be sharing the news on her social networks as soon as she hears about Season 2.

[Featured Image by Hair Goddess/Instagram]