Michael Strahan Loses Part Of Pinky Finger — Mysterious Injury Has Tongues Wagging

Michael Strahan has spun a mystery after he lost part of his pinky finger. He shared the injury on-air at Good Morning America, but his odd avoidance of the details behind that loss has folks talking today. Strahan managed to get through his entire NFL career with all digits intact, so what happened over the weekend for him to lose part of a finger and better yet, why all the mystery around how it happened?

After not showing up on-air Tuesday, fans wondered where he was, as he hadn’t said anything about taking off for a summer vacation. After his gig with Kelly Rippa imploded, the thought of a quick exit from the show couldn’t help but squeeze into the minds of some Good Morning America fans, suggests Hollywood Life. They even joked by saying “What if Kelly Ripa had something to do with this?” But added, “Just Kidding!”

When Michael showed up back to work for Wednesday morning’s show, any thoughts of another morning talk-show change-up left the viewers minds, as they had another mystery to focus on. The Good Morning America co-host didn’t have a problem giving the audience, along with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, a gander at his pinky finger, bandaged up. Despite missing the tip of his finger, he continued to play coy as to how this happened. By the time the show ended, fans weren’t any closer to cracking open the mystery as to what happened to the tip of Michael’s pinky.

Tampa Bay.com reports that Strahan shared only that he cut a little bit of his pinky finger off in an accident, but remained tight lipped about just what that accident entailed through the entire GMA show. As Hollywood Life reports, without any details about his digit being a bit shorter than usual today, speculation worked overtime about just what Michael Strahan did to that pinky finger.

Considering he probably cut off part of his finger on something sharp, some suggested that Strahan had a cooking accident. There are sharp knives often involved in food prep, so perhaps this is what happened, a slip of a knife? Since he once played football, maybe he was playing a game of the sport over the weekend and things got a bit rough and off the top of his finger went?

Again, speculation ran crazy online about the whereabouts of the rest of Michael Strahan’s finger and how it became separated from his hand. Speaking of Strathan’s hand, he did suffer an old football injury that left him with the ability to do strange things with his fingers, which is mentioned in the tweet below.

According to Hollywood Life, it is the ring finger on his left hand that can bend in just about every direction. It is like the bones in that finger are made of “liquid,” the celebrity gossip site suggested. While that was due to an old football injury, what did Statham do to the tip of his pinky? Where did it go? Maybe he’ll spill the beans on Thursday’s show?

[Featured Image by Tinseltown/Shutterstock]