Paul Heyman Is Advocating For Brock Lesnar To Lose At ‘SummerSlam,’ And This Is Who He Wants To Win The Title

In a couple of weeks, Brock Lesnar is set to defend his WWE Universal Championship against three heavyweights at SummerSlam, and Paul Heyman actually doesn’t want his client to win. Even though he threatened Kurt Angle with Lesnar leaving WWE if he loses the title, Heyman may not actually want Lesnar to sit on top of Monday Night Raw. Not only that, but he reportedly even has someone in mind to take the title off of the “Beast Incarnate.”

When SummerSlam rolls around, the WWE Universal Championship will be on the line as Brock Lesnar takes on Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns. One of those men is a former world champion and the other two are chasing their first major title on the main roster, but will any of them get it?

Lesnar is obviously at a disadvantage in this match as he doesn’t even need to be involved in the decision that could take his belt away from him. That is why this past week on Monday Night Raw, Heyman said that if his client loses at SummerSlam, he would be leaving WWE for good.

Well, it has been just two days since Heyman made that threat to Kurt Angle, and now, he actually may be campaigning for Lesnar to lose his title…to Samoa Joe.

wwe news rumors brock lesnar lose title summerslam samoa joe paul heyman

That may sound really strange, but according to Sports Illustrated, it’s true.

It is being reported that Heyman is actually pushing backstage for Brock Lesnar to lose the Universal Title Match at SummerSlam. This could end up giving Lesnar time away from WWE to train for a possible return to UFC next year, but it isn’t quite known if that will definitely end up happening.

Now, Heyman isn’t just pushing for Lesnar to lose, but he wants his client to lose the title to Samoa Joe.

Joe has been feuding with Lesnar for quite a while now, and he lost the one-on-one match-up the two recently had. Roman Reigns has jumped back into the main event scene in the last month and he brought Braun Strowman along with him. All three men are deserving of a title run, but who will get it?

Bleacher Report makes an excellent point and it is that putting the Universal Title on Reigns, Joe, or Strowman is absolutely necessary right now. Lesnar is not regularly on WWE television, but having one of those men win would mean having the champion on Monday Night Raw every single week.

That is something that hasn’t happened since Kevin Owens was Universal Champion six months ago.

wwe news rumors brock lesnar lose title summerslam samoa joe paul heyman

Brock Lesnar is currently under contract through WrestleMania 34 and he’s already being promoted for No Mercy in late September. Anything is possible to happen, but the whole being called out by Jon Jones thing is really playing a part in what Lesnar’s future in WWE or UFC may end up being.

Many predictions are already being made for SummerSlam, and Heavy believes that it will indeed be Samoa Joe taking the title after he chokes out Lesnar.

SummerSlam is going to be when four huge brutes collide in the center of the ring with one goal in mind and that is walking out with the WWE Universal Championship in their possession. Brock Lesnar is going in with the belt around his waist and Paul Heyman at his side, but will the night end in the same way? If it were up to Heyman, he’d have his client always have the title, but if he must lose it, he’d like to see it won by Samoa Joe.

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