‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 2 Episode, ‘BB19’ Rumors About Power Of Veto Confirmed

This Big Brother 19 recap includes spoilers from the August 2 episode. A lot of the episode revolved around the Veto Competition and how the Power of Veto would get used, but there was also a lot of time for producers to show off the drama that had encompassed the BB19 house over the past weekend. This Episode 17 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, August 2, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

During the CBS recap from the Sunday episode, viewers were shown how Jessica Graf reacted to Paul Abrahamian winning the Head of Household. She teased that her Halting Hex temptation would keep her and Cody Nickson safe, raising a lot of questions in the BB19 house. The houseguests then competed in the Temptation Competition, which was the curse attached to the Halting Hex. Mark Jansen won to gain safety, Jason Dent finished last and became the third nominee, and then Paul nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction.

The August 2 Big Brother 19 recap begins with the fallout from the Week 5 Nomination Ceremony. Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were quite frustrated that they got nominated for eviction by Paul Abrahamian and exploded in the BB19 house. Paul asked if they wanted to go talk in the Head of Household room, but Cody had to be convinced to even go upstairs. Then the fireworks began, as Jessica and Cody started arguing with Paul and telling him this was the worst-case scenario for him as the HOH.

Paul ended up kicking Cody out of the HOH room because he was cussing and wouldn’t stop with the personal attacks. When Cody and Jessica got downstairs they began fighting with each other, as Jessica got fed up with Cody’s temper and told him that fact. The showmance appeared doomed as Jessica stormed out of the room. Meanwhile, Paul had gone to the kitchen, where Mark Jansen was defending Cody. Josh Martinez didn’t want to hear it and got into a loud argument with Mark about it.

It was then time for the most dramatic part of this August 2 Big Brother recap to be shown to CBS viewers. Josh started banging pots and pans again and Mark came at him, with Kevin Schlehuber stepping in to stop a physical fight from taking place. Production could be heard speaking to the BB19 house and telling Josh and Mark to go to opposite sides of the house. Mark was extremely heated about the pots and pans, while Josh was upset that Mark had nearly assaulted him when he grabbed the pans right out of his hands.

Cody Nickson came to get Mark Jansen and take him to the back room, where Mark decided to call Josh Martinez a coward. Paul Abrahamian then went to talk to Jessica Graf, who stated that she now had to use the Halting Hex temptation at the Eviction Ceremony. He planted some “seeds” about separating herself from Cody Nickson and possibly saving her temptation power by getting off the block. He put her on the spot as well, by telling Jessica she needed to make a decision (#ShowmanceKiller).

Paul called Christmas Abbott, Raven Walton, Alex Ow, Matt Clines, and Elena Davies up to the HOH room, where he talked about the whole situation and how a possible plan could be to work at getting Cody Nickson out with the help of Jessica Graf. Christmas ended up going to talk to Jessica about that very plan, and it was very clear that she was worried about being associated with Cody. When Jessica approached Cody and spoke honestly to him, he apologized and stated he regretted his actions in the BB19 house.

The Week 5 Veto Competition was a familiar one, where the houseguests had to stay up all night as storm alerts came over the television in the living room. The Big Brother Weather Channel presented a lot of facts that the houseguests would have to remember if they wanted to win the Power of Veto. As the alerts came in, most of the BB19 house was paying attention to them, while Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf decided to just go to bed for the night. The showmance appeared to have zero interest in what was taking place.

At the Veto Competition, Paul Abrahamian, Jessica Graf, Jason Dent, and Cody Nickson were joined by Raven Walton and Kevin Schlehuber. Each competitor took a turn reading a teleprompter where there were gaps of information that they had to fill in based on the weather alerts they had been given overnight. Paul ended up winning the competition, possibly due to his advantage of having played it before. Before the Veto Ceremony, Paul approached Jessica to get her to turn against Cody, bringing the episode to a dramatic ending, without even showing the Veto Ceremony.

That brings an end to the August 2 Big Brother 19 recap, but a lot has happened in the BB19 house since the Veto Ceremony took place. For fans wanting to read about some very shocking Big Brother 19 spoilers, where Jessica Graf tried to convince Mark Jansen and Cody Nickson to drown Alex Ow, a previous report by the Inquisitr covers that event.

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