Google Analytics Videos Show Off Bad Web Practices With Real World Examples

A poorly designed website can mean the difference between launching a successful product and falling flat on your face. Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce websites, product pages, and other websites fail to implement a clear design, proper search standards, and other well-known and trusted “best practices” of the web.

To showcase how bad web practices can effect a website, the team at Google Analytics created three YouTube videos that carry web design and digital marketing over to real life.

Google specifically focuses on its main areas of concern, namely landing-page optimization, site search, and online checkout.

To make their point, the main areas of focus are placed inside a real-world brick-and-mortar grocery-store setting.

In a funny moment, a customer is not able to find semi-skimmed milk because the store’s labels are not accurate and allow for only restrictive search of its store shelves.

Google didn’t just release real world examples. The company in a blog post also explains how to fix such issues to ensure the best possible user experience on the web.

Here are three of the Google-created videos. Whether you need a laugh or you are hoping to give your websites presence a boost, I highly recommend watching all three videos.

Searching the web can be a tiring practice even if you happen to understand all of Google’s shortcuts. Hopefully, more webmasters will use these videos as a starting point for better web page optimization.

Did you find the Google Analytics bad web practices videos to be entertaining and helpful?