‘Bachelor’ Season 14 Winner Vienna Girardi Announces Gender Of Twins

Vienna Girardi is one of the most memorable winners of the Bachelor. She was set to marry Jake Pavelka, but the two just couldn’t make it work. They split officially in 2010, and Girardi stepped out of the spotlight. She has been living a quiet life until recently. Vienna announced several weeks ago that she was expecting twins. The news came as a shock to Bachelor Nation as she hasn’t been seen in the media in quite a few years. Now, she is opening up about her pregnancy and how she found out she was carrying identical twins.

The announcement that Vienna Girardi was expecting twins came as a complete shock. She has not been showing off the father of her babies, and, in fact, she has not mentioned him at all. There have been rumors that Girardi’s ex-boyfriend is the father of the twins, but she has not confirmed that is the case. For the last few days, Girardi has hyped up her gender reveal.

According to Us Weekly, Vienna Girardi is carrying identical twins girls. She is reportedly happy with the outcome as she believes she subconsciously knew she was pregnant with girls. Girardi is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy as her twins are monochorionic diamniotic. This means that they share one placenta and could run the risk of developing twin to twin transfusion syndrome, which she has mentioned already. There will be extra monitoring throughout the pregnancy.


It has been a long time since Vienna Girardi has been on television. She admitted that she had been asked to do Bachelor in Paradise and Famously Single, but Girardi turned down the offers because she prefers her calm life over one that is full of chaos and drama. There is a small possibility that she may return to the reality television realm though. Vienna was asked to film a docuseries about raising her twin girls. This is something that she has been considering as long as the ratings and drama aren’t going to play a huge role in how things work out.


Bachelor Nation has been sending well wishes for Vienna Girardi as she embarks on the journey of twin parenthood. This is something she is incredibly excited about, and with five sets of twins in her family, there is a little bit of advanced knowledge that will come in handy during the first few weeks. Girardi is due to give birth this winter, and now, the countdown to motherhood begins.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]