Mariah Carey Deals With Continued Fat Shaming After New Instagram Post

Let’s just hope that Mariah Carey really doesn’t care what people think about her. As the Daily Mail notes, the star has once again been called a “whale” and other names after she posted a picture of herself and current boyfriend Bryan Tanaka.

“She toasted to her thrilling performance at the Hollywood Bowl with a romantic night with her beau Bryan Tanaka, 34 – which she documented on her Instagram,” the paper wrote, noting that even though Carey looked effortlessly glamorous, online tolls still targeted the singer.

Ironically, the comments after the article are just as shameful as the ones that were talked about in the story.

“I would never call her a whale, but she has put on some weight and should really dress appropriately,” says Fi.

“Dress for your body shape Mariah, not the body you had 10 years ago,” states Kimbaland.

However, there were also commenters who supported Ms. Carey and believe the trolls need to leave her alone.

“Yes she has put on some weight – but I strongly suspect that the trolls who are making these unpleasant remarks are no oil paintings themselves. It’s easy to be nasty from behind a keyboard,” says Diamondcat.

“Such horrible people in this world body shaming others! Especially with so many mental health conditions like anorexia! No one should have to be shamed for there weight or what they wear it’s entirely up to them!” shouts out Sophieloren123.

Two weeks ago, Mariah found herself being dragged on the internet for a performance of the song “Honey” in which she barely seemed to move. Even her dancers had a hard time getting Carey enthused for the performance.

The backlash was intense, with many people concentrating on Mariah Carey’s weight. Robert Reyes of the Student Operated Press was just one of Carey’s media critics who fat shamed her.

“Mariah Carey was a huge star in the 90’s, now she`s just huge – she resembles a baby hippo,” claimed columnist Robert Reyes, who described Carey as being so fat that she could barely move.

Then, there was Twitter…

Celebrities, especially female ones, have been body shamed and fat shamed for decades without hardly any backlash. However, even though this type of bullying continues, there has been more of a backlash against it. A very popular story from the New York Times titled “The Shame of Fat Shaming” went viral late last year.

Mariah Carey Weight Gain

The article quotes a research director named Rebecca Puhl, who found in her studies that fat prejudice often hurts more than other types of discrimination and is more difficult to overcome. When kids see huge stars like Mariah Carey being bullied for her weight, they may think it’s okay to do the same to others.

Mariah Carey is used to criticism by now, so she’s probably not letting the fat shaming get to her. Carey is continuing her tour with Lionel Richie, which started off with low ticket sales but appears to be exciting a lot of fans. Do you think Mariah should address the fat shaming on stage like other stars do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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