Lady Di's Grave Is Empty: Harry And William's Mother's Coffin Site A Decoy For Grave Robbers

Lady Di's grave is reportedly empty. A new report out says the late Princess Diana's burial site, where the public pays respect to William and Harry's mother, is a decoy protecting Diana, Princess of Wales' gravesite from vandals and grave robbers.

Presumably, Diana's remains are interred in a crypt on Althorp Park Island near the Spencer family's 13,500-acre estate, based on multiple sources. There, visitors pay $23 for admission to access Lady Di's grave and final resting place.

Earl Spencer, Lady Di's younger brother, revealed that his family has been "secretly" concealing Princess Diana's real grave from the public out of an abundance of caution. Apparently, on more than one occasion, vandals have attempted to gain access to Lady Di's grave and the family decided to relocate her remains. Radar Online claims to have an exclusive report on the grave mystery and has revealed the exact location -- which runs counter to reports from days ago.

"We have had four attempted break-ins toward her body in the last 20 years. I am glad that we have seen all of them off," Spencer said in a previous interview.

In the past, Lord Spencer reportedly said Lady Di was laid to rest in the center of the Round Oval Lake (as seen in satellite imagery via Zoom Earth). The choice of location was thought to be an ideal setting that offered natural security and protection. After successive break-ins, the family thought it was best to move Di's body while keeping the location under wraps.

Today, supposedly, the Princess of Wales is resting easy in St. Mary's Church in Great Brington next to her father, John, the eighth Earl Spencer, who preceded her in death. Six-foot spiked fencing and electronic surveillance equipment heavily secure the location from grave diggers.
It turns out that not everyone was deceived by Princess Diana's publicized burial place at Althorp. An unnamed staff member of the sprawling estate weighed in and shared the importance of maintaining the secret.

"The church was considered as her burial place," the source said, adding that "It made sense to have the island as the place where she is 'buried' because it is more secure. No one working on the estate now was at the funeral, so we all believe what we are told. It's just better that we keep our mouths shut!"

Jacqui Collins manages a local pub in the area and spoke about having knowledge of the decoy site the Spencers put in place to protect Diana. "All her family are [sic] buried at the church, including her father, so it makes sense for her to be buried there," said Jacqui.

The style icon was married to Prince Charles at the time of her untimely death in Paris on August 31, 1997. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Lady Di's passing.

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