‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Jessica New Target For Paul’s Alliance, Live Feeds Update

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the CBS live feeds reveal that Paul Abrahamian and his alliance of most of the house have their eyes on Jessica as their new target rather than Cody, which is an interesting twist in strategy. Paul tried to reason with Jessica and get her to skip using the Halting Hex and let them vote out Cody, but that didn’t work. The gang also tried to get Cody to self-evict, but production shut that down. It now seems a lock that Jessica will play her Halting Hex on Thursday night, which will shut down the eviction and leave Paul empty-handed.

Why Jessica is the new BB19 target over Cody

The worm has seemingly turned overnight in the Big Brother house, and Jessica has turned up as the new target of Paul and his allies. On Tuesday afternoon, Josh and Alex had voter’s remorse when they discussed wishing they had kept Dominique and sent Jessica out instead. About an hour later, Elena and Paul talked about targeting Jessica, as well, since they thought Cody wouldn’t be able to cope without her in the Big Brother game. It’s certainly true that Cody has zero social games, and Jessica saved him in that respect.

Shortly after that, Matt told Raven and Christmas that they should target Jessica instead. Raven agreed. It seems that all of the core alliance on Paul’s side of the house is coming around to the opinion that Jessica is the more dangerous of the two. Later in the evening on Tuesday, Paul and Josh spent time strategizing while Paul talked Josh out of his focus on Cody and encouraged him to put his eye on Jessica. The two agree that Jessica has shown she can function just fine without Cody, but they think he will fall apart without her.

Will there be an eviction vote on Thursday?

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease that Jessica will very likely play her Halting Hex tomorrow night and make it a non-eviction night. However, don’t count Paul out on trying to convince Jessica that she’s safe and should let Cody be evicted. That seems like a spectacular long shot, but Paul is prepping his team for all the options that might happen Thursday night. Paul has encouraged his allies to vote Jessica out if there is an eviction vote. This could happen in one of two ways. First, if Jessica doesn’t play the Halting Hex, there could be a vote.

Second, if Jessica plays the Hex, there’s no eviction vote, but then it could be a night where they play a whole week of Big Brother in an hour. BB19 spoilers from the live feeds by Big Brother Network show Paul is convinced that tonight is a double eviction but could turn into a single eviction night if Jess plays the hex. He’s told the house they might go from hex and non-eviction, straight into the HoH comp, noms, veto comp, and another eviction vote. Paul could be right, but we won’t know until Thursday night when Julie Chen tells the HGs what happens next.

Who will win BB19 Week 6 Head of Household?

Now that Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds show that Jessica and Cody plan to stay strong and play hard to win the next HoH comp if they’re both still in the house because of the Halting Hex, they could shake up everything. The duo could go after Paul, but they might struggle to get the votes to oust him. Instead, a more likely target would be Josh based on his constant harassment of the showmance couple. Paul has already strategized on how to keep Jess and Cody from winning HoH.

Last night, Paul and company discussed the week 6 HoH comp and decided if it’s a group comp, any of them that are on Jessica and Cody’s team should throw it to ensure they can’t move onto the next stage. If it’s a comp where people are paired off against each other, they want to try and pair Jessica versus Cody, so at least one of them is knocked out. Aside from Jessica and Cody, Mark is dead set on winning HoH because he thinks the house wants him gone, and he’s not wrong. He’s made himself a target this week.

The larger alliance discussed at length on Tuesday evening’s live feeds that Mark defended Jessica and Cody all day long. The rest of the house have branded Mark and Elena as flippers, and Mark already pledged to Cody that he wouldn’t put him and Jess on the chopping block if he won HoH. If Mark, Cody or Jess doesn’t win HoH, two of the three will likely be on the block, and the third might be a backdoor target in week 6. Be sure to watch Big Brother tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS and check back often for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]