Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard’s New Baby Looks More Like Jessa, Husband Hides Complications On Instagram

Jill Duggar gave birth to a new baby this summer. While the Duggars like to show off their newborns as soon as they come into the world, this time, they were more timid about sharing pictures, information, and updates about the new child. This got Jill & Jessa: Counting On fans wondering if Jill had some complications during the birth of her baby that her husband and the rest of the family are unwilling to share.

Seeing as how they were making their fans uneasy, the couple posted a few more photos on Jill’s Instagram to show that the family of four was doing fine.

And now, the comments that Jill and Derick are attracting suggest that their baby son looks more like Jessa than any of them. This may be a disappointing for the new parents to hear.

“He looks so much like Jessa to me!” A fan wrote in the comments, with many other fans saying the same thing.

But it may not be a bad thing that Samuel looks like his aunt. Jessa is known for being exceptionally beautiful, and her first son, Spurgeon, who has big eyes and full lips like his mother, gets a lot of praise from the fans for looking like a baby angel.

Check out the picture of baby Samuel that is drawing some comparisons to his aunt!

The delivery of the second baby was more difficult for the 26-year-old mother. While she was able to have Israel, her first son, without many problems, it was another story for Samuel. While the family has not released an official story on just how challenging the birth was, among the fans, there seems to be a rumor circulating.

“I knew she had a C-section, but I thought it was something else people were referring to,” a fan wrote underneath a picture of a vague Bible quote. “I guess I didn’t read the comments enough. I was really getting worried. I hope she’s healing well and everything is ok.”

The quote that Jill uploaded suggested she is going through some challenging times as a mother and that she started to feel the resentment from all the suffering.


But the fact that her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were enjoying themselves on their anniversary trip to Hawaii hinted that whatever the hardship Jill was going through, it was not life-threatening for the baby or for the mother.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]