Sofia Vergara Nude At 45, Says She ‘Can’t Be Perfect’ On Naked Issue of Women’s Health Magazine

Sofia Vergara posed nude at the age of 45 for the Naked Issue of Women’s Health Magazine and stated that she “can’t be perfect” at her age, and she doesn’t want to be.

Getting older and proud of it

The Modern Family star posed on the cover of the annual Naked Issue of Women’s Health Magazine. The 45-year-old brunette beauty sat fully nude on a block of wood.

Sofia Vergara was proud to strip down to her birthday suit for the annual magazine issue. She opened up about what it meant to her to be posing nude at her age. The actress was extremely proud to pose naked at 45 and felt comfortable showing off her body.

She told the publication that times have changed, and it was “not like before” when only “young girls would make the cover of a magazine.”

The mother-of-one accepts her body and skin for what it is and what it is not.

“I’m 45. Even if you want to, at this time in your life, you can’t be perfect.”

Vergara acknowledged that her body is changing, and she can “see it happening,” but she doesn’t “hate it” or get “upset by it.”

She continued to say that she wants to look “her age,” and people who are constantly trying to “look younger” will eventually “go crazy.”

sofia vergara poses nude at 45 for womens health magazine

Staying healthy and fit is important

Sofia did say that she works out three to four times a week, but she admitted that exercise is “torture” for her.

Vergara’s husband, Joe Manganiello, built her a gym inside their house, which leaves her with few excuses to skip a workout.

sofia vergara poses nude at 45 for womens health magazine

Despite her hatred for working out, she continues to do it often because she does see the importance of staying healthy and fit. It is not about “having muscles or cut abs” because that would “take too much effort!”

The actress mentioned that she had “bad knees” and “thin bones” and wished she could be a little bit more athletic. She also said her “gigantic boobs” have only gotten bigger with time, which makes it hard to work out.

Hard workers reap rewards

Working hard is one of the things that Sofia Vergara believes in the most, which has led her to her many successes in her acting career.

sofia vergara poses nude at 45 for womens health magazine

Sofia said that she wasn’t always the “youngest” or “most intelligent” woman in the room, but she was always “the hardest working one.”

“Dreams don’t happen if you just sit down and accept things.”

Sofia Vergara’s full interview with Women’s Health Magazine and nude cover shot for the Naked Issue hit the stands on August 8.

Introducing our first-ever global Naked Issue, starring the one and only @sofiavergara!???? “Here’s a woman, 45, being able to show her body,” she says of posing for our September cover. “It’s not like before, when it was just young girls.” Click the link in our bio for the full story and pick up the issue on newsstands everywhere August 8!

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