Transgender Man, Trystan Reese, Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Trystan Reese, a transgender man, just gave birth to his first child. Yahoo shared the details about the little boy that he just had with his partner. The little boy was born weighing in at nine pounds, six ounces. Trystan explained that he is a narrow person and had a big baby, so he is really glad to be done with the pregnancy.

They named their son Leo. He was born to Trystan Reese and his partner Biff Chaplow and the couple couldn't be happier about their little boy. They already have two children together, but this is their first biological child. They adopted 9-year-old Riley and 7-year-old Hailey. They are Chaplow's sister's children, and she could no longer take care of them, so the couple adopted them. Reese said that Hailey is doing a great job as big sister and even wants to help change diapers.

Trystan Reese explained how this worked for them. He has never wanted to have a surgical transformation. Instead, he was taking hormones, but when they decided to have a baby then he quit the hormones. He explained that everyone doesn't want surgery and hormones were enough for him. Now, they aren't sharing a few details. Everyone would love to know if he is breastfeeding and how he gave birth, but they decided to keep this to themselves.

It was also revealed that they are both keeping up with their Facebook pages and when they get a post from a hater, they just delete it. They are also getting a lot of positive comments from people, which is nice for them to see.

Trystan Reese went on to explain that changing to a man was life or death for him. He didn't want to live as a woman, and if he hadn't been able to do this then he would have probably taken his own life. It sounds like this was the best choice for him, and he found a partner who respects him and is fine with the way that he is living his life now. They now have three beautiful children together.

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[Featured Image by Inferis | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]